The annual Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI is a melting pot of music lovers, creative souls, and friendly faces all uniting for one weekend under a common goal of experiencing all that one of the country’s most unique music festivals has to offer. Characters from all walks of life flock to Sherwood Forest to explore interactive art installations, see all types of music, and dance until the wee hours of the morning. This year, the favorite annual festival has expanded to two distinct weekends, featuring scores of scheduled sets from some of the finest acts in jam, electronic and beyond, including hosts The String Cheese Incident, Bassnectar, OdeszaMy Morning JacketAbove & BeyondBassnectarThe RevivalistsKamasi Washington[Br]eaking [Bi]scuitsFlumeDJ SnakeBig GiganticClaude VonStroke, A-TrakConsider The SourceEotoEric Krasno BandPigeons Playing Ping PongPapadosioSpaffordThe MotetGold ClapNahko & Medicine For The PeopleLotus, and so many more (for the full lineup for both weekends of Electric Forest in 2017, head here).

But while the extensive musical lineup is undoubtedly a huge part of the festival’s draw, Electric Forest is also notable for attracting music lovers of all genres to its magical electric oasis. As we prepare for our return to the Forest this weekend, here are some of the types of people we’ve encountered during past years in Sherwood Forest:

All photos by Patrick Hughes of Faces of Festivals; full gallery at the bottom.

1. The Enthusiastic High-Fiver

Whether he/she has attended one festival this summer or ten, the novelty never seems to fade, greeting you with an ecstatic “Happy Forressstttttt!!!” at each juncture. He/she is also likely to be partaking in the regular “CARRRLLLLLL?!” chant, refusing to believe that it will ever get old. This person was most likely a camp counselor at some point in life.

2. The Forest Creature

Known for constantly going above and beyond, Electric Forest’s hired performers are on another level. Walking through the forest, you never know what you’ll encounter: a zebra, an 18th century porcelain doll, or perhaps the “fun police”. These actors never break character, and add to the playful, engaging environment.

3. The Jellyfish Head

While the Electric Forest lineup is constantly expanding into new territory, the String Cheese Incident remains a staple of the fest, with six sets throughout the weekend including an annual highly anticipated Saturday spectacle. The Cheese fan tends to be full of positive energy and can often be found sporting jellyfish gear and spinning in circles donning a huge grin.

4. The Hammock Dweller

These nocturnal creatures can often be found hibernating for extended periods of time during the daylight hours before embarking on a nighttime adventure through the wild territory of Sherwood Forest.

5. The First-Time Raver

You can spot the casual first time raver at almost any festival. We found many first time Electric Forest attendees wandering the grounds, looking for their next dose of electronic music.

6. The Spiritual Gangsta

You got any heady crystals, bro?

7. The Banana

This rare food/human hybrid scopes the forest seeking companionship.

8. The Forest Lovers

Love is everywhere in the forest! With childlike wonder running rampant and inhibitions low, Electric Forest is the perfect place to find your soulmate, or your weekend fling.

9. The Hangar Girls

The Hangar Stage is a time portal back to the 1920s, complete with a secret speakeasy/”Mile High Club”, barber shop, fake tattoo parlor, buffing station (yes, they use real car buffers, and yes, it feels incredible), game hall, and more. Electric Forest is certainly not known for skimping on attention to detail, and this whole new world within the festival is a testament to that, complete with character actors straight out of the roaring 20s.

10. The Toy Aficionado

Forest dwellers can often be spotted playing with various balls, hoops, and toys of all kinds, sometimes practicing for hours on end to show off their latest “flow”. These take the form of light up objects, and the more daring creatures will even incorporate fire.

11. Group Costumes

Subsets of forest creatures are known to shed their typical outer layer in favor of a unique or clever group costume, distinguishing themselves from the rest of the pack.

12. The “This Is A Good Sign” Guy

They can’t ALL be good signs.