Orebolo, Spanish for Orebolo, is an “aGoosetic” trio consisting of Rick Mitarotonda (guitar/vocals), Peter Anspach (guitar/vocals), and Jeffery Arevalo (upright bass/vocals), all three members of the exponentially rising indie-groove act, Goose, from Wilton, CT.

After debuting in front of a live audience at an early-2020 podcast festival with Tom Marshall in Brooklyn, Rick, Peter, and Jeff hosted several live streams while living together during the pandemic. Their second and largest live show to date was billed as the “aGOOSEtic” Trio at LOCKN’ Farm‘s Fred The Festival earlier this year, during which Anspach alluded to an upcoming slate of shows. Four months later, on Thursday night at Tarrytown Music Hall in Tarrytown, New York, the three took the stage for the first time under new moniker Orebolo as they kicked off their first-ever tour.

In comparison to their fowl kin, which has more of an instrumental, improvisational focus, the acoustic format lends a clarity to the songcraft that cuts the intensity of the music with an overwhelming sense of peace and old-world charm. Setting plays a huge role in the delivery of acoustic goods and the stage in Westchester, minimally adorned with Christmas lights and lamps, lent a holiday feel to the early December night.

While the historic Tarrytown Music Hall was seemingly a perfect venue given the purity of the genre, this was still get-up-and-dance music—even in the absence of electric effects—and Peter Anspach confirmed this thought with his first words upon entering the stage: “Feel free to get up and dance!” Though the venue was seemingly unprepared for a lively audience, the crowd was eager to comply.

Though few rooms can match the clarity of The Solarium from which Rick, Peter, and Jeff shared the aforementioned live streams, the sound was both warm and lively in the historic hall. “So Ready”, with its distinct separation of parts and incredible acoustic detail, was easily one of the night’s foremost standouts. “It Burns Within”, which I had the good fortune to have seen the aGoosetic trio perform earlier this year, is a love song of the highest order and without question the Goose original that would be my wedding song if I had it to do over. Last night, my wife and I were given that chance, dancing closely in each other’s arms as we were serenaded by Rick with the accompaniment of Peter and Jeff’s vocal harmonies. Pure bliss.

Orebolo would obviously take a heavy turn through the Goose catalog, offering distinct versions of “Elizabeth”, “Indian River”, “The Whales”, “Lead The Way”, “Bob Don”, “Drive”, and “Madhuvan”, each articulated with great character and liveliness in the architectural space.

Orebolo – “Lead The Way” (Goose) – 12/2/21

Notably, the trio also played a trio of original debut—”Moonlights”, “Dim Lights”, and “Arise”— sung by Peter, Rick, and Rick, respectively. Hopefully, the new songs will find a home in Goose’s growing catalog just as “The Whales” did after being debuted by the acoustic trio during a live stream from The Solarium on 5/30/2020. Keep an eye out for the memorable “Dim Lights”, in particular.

In its brief history, the acoustic trio has also offered an eclectic range of covers honoring just some of the many artists from whom the members take their influence. Last night’s show followed that trend with Orebolo paying tribute to Joan Baez (“Silver Dagger”), Bob Marley & The Wailers (“Caution”), the Grateful Dead (“US Blues), Elvis Presley (“Devil In Disguise”), and Charlie Monroe (“Rosalie McFall”) in addition to a reading of the traditional “Angel Band”.

Orebolo – “Angel Band” (Traditional) – 12/2/21

[Videos: Marc Komito]

Acoustic music is all about vibrations. “Despite a few disturbances in the force,” Tarrytown Music Hall was simply pulsing with love and light. Every song, every echo, every note is a gift, and that was felt strongly in the early stages of the holiday season. Orebolo continues its tour this weekend with sold out shows in Homer, NY and Stowe, VT before heading to Colorado in January. For more information, head here.

Dancing > sitting (every. single. time.) 11,258 steps.

Setlist: Orebolo | Tarrytown Music Hall | Tarrytown, NY | 12/2/21

Set 1: Silver Dagger {1}, Elizabeth, Indian River, The Whales, Lead The Way, Caution {2}, Moonrise {3}, US Blues {4}, Dim Lights {5}, So Ready

Set 2: Devil In Disguise {6}, It Burns Within, Bob Don, Rosalie McFall {7}, Drive, Arise {8}, Madhuvan

E: Angel Band {9}

Coach’s Notes:
{1} Joan Baez
{2} Bob Marley & The Wailers
{3} Original, FTP
{4} The Grateful Dead
{5} Original, FTP
{6} Elvis
{7} Charlie Monroe
{8} Original, FTP
{9} Traditional
This was the first show of the first-ever Orebolo tour.


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