Emerging out of Statesboro, GA in 2012, The Orange Constant continues to make a name for themselves in the Georgia music scene. Now based out of Athens, GA, the exciting band is blowing up in the Southeast, sharing bills with bands like TAUK, Perpetual Groove, The Mantras, Atlas Road Crew and more. The band’s funky jam sound always makes for an exciting show, and the band continues to gain recognition as an up and coming force to be reckoned with.

After finding acclaim for their debut album, The Orange Constant returns with their second full length effort, Point Of Reference, on March 24th, 2017. Mainly recorded live at Chase Park Transduction, the track’s funky sound immediately pops on first listen. The band’s guitarist and singer, Andrew Brantley, talks about how they achieved such a dynamic sound on the track. “I think the sound quality is great, and I’m glad we were able to use some vintage gear. Having a real Wurlitzer, Rhodes, and clavinet added to our textural options when we were recording. Drew [Vandenberg, producer] pushed us to experiment with guitar tones and condense arrangements, and the product was better for it.”

In anticipation of the new release, The Orange Constant has shared their newest single, “The Fountain,” for us to premiere. “‘The Fountain’ was one of the songs on this album that went through a few changes before committing to the final draft,” says guitarist/vocalist Nickalous Benson. “Drew helped us focus more on the highlights of the song and cut the excess. After that, Chris introduced some new harmony ideas while Paul and the guys added the final touches with the horns.”

Enjoy The Orange Constant’s “The Fountain” below, exclusively via L4LM.

The diverse, groovy sound of The Orange Constant will be on display throughout the year, so don’t miss out. You can keep up with the band on their Facebook page. The band consists of Andrew Brantley (guitar/vocal), Lee Guentert (drums), Nickalous Benson (guitar/vocal), Tyler Walker (bass/vocal), and often performs with Chris Freiberg (keyboards).