Last night, beloved jam band Phish made their return to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, playing the late night show in support of their recently-released Big Boat album. In case you missed it, you can watch performances of “Breath and Burning” and “Blaze On” here. While their performances were in line with our expectations, one detail seemed to have stuck out most for fans of Phish. Trey Anastasio’s shirt-choice, a $780 Gucci floral print silk duke shirt, immediately demanded the audience’s attention. As a result of this flower-speckled shirt, the Internet exploded in hilarious commentary. For kicks, we’ve gathered some of our favorite comments:


“I never ever saw a shirt so tight”

“We are so very sorry, but it went well with the shoes.”

“Adult me is glad he’s happy and healthy. College me wants to kick him in whatever balls he has left.”

“What are those, Bitcoin logos?”

“Call him Ranch cause he’s dressing!”

“Trey’s man blouse > Melania’s pussy-bow blouse”


“Is Mike dressing Trey?”


“We have tuck’d in fly’s and ass!”

“Ellen called wants her shirt back.”


“We all paid for that in msg ticket prices.”

“Jimmy Buffet called, he wants his shirt back!”

“Maybe Page will get hammered and write a ditty about Trey’s new shirt. Trey’s Shirt > Chicks in the Front Row”

“We like Trey’s new shirt … It’s so nice … He looks sharper than the dudes in the front row … He looks sharper than the dudes in the back row …”

Y’all were hoping for a Pepe Le Pew shirt bust out weren’t you. I know I was. But it’s nice Gordo let him borrow a shirt for the occasion.”

Yes it’ll be Dad Rock, yes it’ll be 4 mins and 30 seconds with no jam, and yes Trey is wearing a questionable shirt, but you all know you’re gonna stay up til 12:30 and watch the thing..”

Abejefferson: “the fuck is he wearing”

“Trey looks like Elizabeth Warren”

“Looks like Trey raided Gordo’s closet”


“Game: Blouses”

“Trey looks like he bought that shirt at Prince’s yard sale.”

Looking like a goombah.”

“Trey’s back in loud shirts? Fall tour’s gonna be fire.”

“Is it Friday yet? Enough with the fore play” ….. *Phoreplay

“Alright I give. That shirt makes the dad rock label official and earned.”

“Those concerned with Trey’s shirt choice on Fallon need to be reminded of the past. this is but one questionable decision…”


“Lets go make some pancakes.”

“He looks like he’s about to bust out the sexiest Flamenco Guitar riffs.”

“And his pants were equally as stylish.”

“Are those pumpkins?


“He’s no Ken Bone with fashion but whatever.”

“Wtf? Lmfao…Treys trying to look like Dave Matthews”

“Forget about all that — **what scarf will Mike be sporting tonight??**”

“Who would have thunk it…? But I think Trey just out fashion-ed Mike tonight with his flashy shirt! :O Oh, no, he din’nt!!! [snaps]

“The big question now becomes how will Cactus respond out on tour…? Belted Leisure Suits…? A Flowing Kaftan (Kaphtan?)…? Or, perhaps, some sort of a festive hat…? #PhashionWars”


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“Wait. So Trey was basically wearing the male version of the Pussy-Bow on Fallon last night?”

“Did Page find this for him on Pinterest?”

“Dude I’ve done a summer tour in the 90’s for less than that shirt cost”

“A far cry from the Marvin the Martian shirt :(“

“Trey’s shirt is navy blue with red circles on it it. C’mon guys he is just making up for the lack of fish’s mumu”



….what does it mean?!….


“I want you to be flappy!”


[H/T Phish Tour 2014]