Billy Strings and his stellar band finished their set last night at the Suwannee Spring Reunion with a blazing jam to a massive crowd before taking a well-deserved bow and leaving the stage. The crowd cheered for more, as they almost always do after such a wonderful experience, with one significant difference—there was still a half-hour to go in the scheduled show! Strings and his band had been misinformed about their set length and were stopped as they made their way off stage, then set back out to the audible delight of the audience.

While some artists might have been embarrassed at the mistake, Billy Strings and his band were all smiles, clearly excited to have more time to play their brand of fiery, psychedelic-tinged bluegrass. Watching the astounding speed with which he picks and hearing the melodic fills he fits in to the tightest of spaces will make even the most stodgy of bluegrass fans sit up and take notice. The packed crowd at the beloved Suwannee Amphitheater stage was laid back and totally ready for Strings’ first appearance at Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park and got more than they could have imagined.

We have the supposed “set closer” captured on video for you below, including a stellar cover of the Jerry Garcia and David Grisman classic “Dreadful Wind And Rain.” Caution: these clips are explosive!

Set Closer, Part 1

“Dreadful Wind And Rain”

With three days of the Suwannee Spring Reunion left to go and sets from The Infamous Stringdusters, Dar Williams, Donna The Buffalo, and many more yet to come, there is still plenty of fun to be had. If you’re in the area you should be on the way to the Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park for a weekend of great music, loving friends and family, and the most gorgeous place to see live music in the world!