L4LM writer and Breaking Bad enthusiast David Khalev had a chance to chat with Walt Jr. himself, RJ Mitte, before his upcoming DJ set at BB King’s Blues Club tomorrow night, April 10th. NYC is the first stop on Mitte’s Breaking Beats tour, which will mix music from the show with classic and new music for a great night of dancing.

Tickets are still available here.

L4LM: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, RJ. What have you been up to since Breaking Bad?

RJM: So much man – I’ve shot a series called Switched at Birth – I shot two movies last year, one will be released at Tribeca this year – and then audition audition audition. I produced a documentary which they’re working on right now – been working on it for the past 5 years now. I’m all over the place. The good news is I keep working – I started doing the DJing to get out of the continuous habits.

L4LM: How early on did you decide to make music?

RJM: I am not a professional DJ; I’m not trying to be a professional DJ. I love music… I love what music can do to people and what it does to people and how it evokes an emotion in people. I’m lucky to be in a position that they are allowing me to do this.

I DJed when I was 14 for a couple of months, but I got all my gear jacked actually. Someone broke into my house stole all my electronics, stole all my sounds, so I kinda just stopped and didn’t get into it again. And then I started talking and I mentioned it, and they were like ‘we’re setting you up with a tour!’ and I’m like “uh –okay!” 

L4LM: That must have been a nice surprise.

RJM: It was and it wasn’t – I had to do a lot of catching up – I was still in the midst of catching up with music and technology – I don’t normally listen to a lot of dance music – I’m not personally a big dancer haha – the music I listen to is reggae and rock and old school hip-hop – some dub and EDM – but I’m all over the board and I’m trying to bring some of that together tomorrow night. Well see how it turns out.

L4LM: I’m excited to be there tomorrow night!

RJM: I hope you enjoy it! I’m not a professional DJ – I have a friend opening up for me, DJ Mia at 12:45, and then I open at like 1:15. This is my first ever musical performance let alone DJ performance so I’m really interested to see what’s gonna happen, and then what people think, and hopefully keep on enjoying the sound.

L4LM: Did you already play a show in San Diego though?

RJM: There was supposed to be one, but it got pushed back to the summer – so literally THIS IS the starting day – this is the official debut, other than my house! I’m a little nervous, but I’m really excited. I think its gonna turn out nicely.

L4LM: What is it like to be a musician on tour now? I realize it’s a big departure from acting.

RJM: I like being on tour, you know – I do a lot of speeches, I speak on diversity, disability, and anti-bullying, so I’ve been on 15 day tours where I speak every day and travel around – this is the first music tour I’ve ever done, so I honestly can’t tell you cause I really haven’t done one yet. I’m excited – I have good people around me. I’m pretty happy what I’ve pulled together for this tour and I hope people enjoy it.

L4LM: What gave you the idea to use Breaking Bad to showcase your musical talent?

RJM: It was a great way to introduce me as a DJ – it was a great outlet for that. And the sounds on Breaking Bad – we figured we would combine them both together. In the beginning, I originally wanted to make it really heavy Breaking Bad.

L4LM: In what way would it have been heavy Breaking Bad?

RJM: I wanted to use the Breaking Bad music and tell a story with all the different seasons, but as I got into it – I liked the concept but I kinda wanted to stay out of it and to have it have its own life. There’s a couple Breaking Bad songs, but I didn’t heavily make it Breaking Bad music.

L4LM: Do you have any original compositions?

RJM: I have some original compositions from friends that they’ve given to me and I’ll be playing – I have some Breaking Bad music in the beginning, middle and towards the end but also music from a bunch of different friends that I’ve collected over the last couple of years.

L4LM: Can we except any surprises at tomorrows show?

RJM: Just get ready to dance, and bring your drinking hat! haha

L4LM: Thanks so much!

For tickets and more information about the show, head to the official ticket website. Use the code “l4lm” to take $5 off the price!