Brendan Bayliss‘ impressive guitar chops and fine-tuned vocals have been at the forefront of Umphrey’s McGee’s signature prog rock sound since he helped form the band with Ryan StasikJoel Cummins, and Mike Mirro in 1997. His ability to deliver killer moments of improvisation have always been central to the band’s sound, so, as we celebrate Bayliss’ 43rd birthday today, check out this occasion-appropriate video of Bayliss laying into his “40’s Theme” solo on his go-to PRS guitar in front of a huge hometown crowd at Chicago’s Northerly Island in 2013:

Umphrey’s McGee- “’40’s Theme” – 8/17/13

[Video: shinepigeon]

As a bonus, check out Brendan Bayliss and Umphrey’s at Red Rocks in October of 2012 performing a ripping version of “Ocean Billy.”

Umphrey’s Mcgee – “Ocean Billy” – 9/14/12

[Video: Umphrey’s McGee]

Happy Birthday, Bayliss—here’s to many more years of life, happiness, and incredible music!