On July 25th, after Phish‘s fourth of thirteen “Baker’s Dozen” shows at Madison Square Garden, the Vermont quartet’s longtime lyricist Tom Marshall will host a very special late-night party at The Iridium with The Amfibian All-Stars featuring, among others, rising jam-rock songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Cal Kehoe and Spin Doctors guitarist/songwriter Anthony Krizan.

As their Amfibian All-Stars Phish late-night approaches, Marshall, Kehoe, and Krizan have been keeping busy collaborating on new material. Marshall and Kehoe recently co-wrote the music and lyrics for Cal’s newest single, “Limbo,” to which Krizan contributed backing vocals, and this talented songwriting team has even more new material on the way, set for a live debut at the Iridium on the 25th. In a statement to Live For Live Music, Marshall gushes about Kehoe’s performance on the track. “Limbo was a lot of fun to write and sing on, but at the core, it’s a guitar song and Cal rips it wide open!”

Cal Kehoe and Anthony Krizan will also serve as the guests on the upcoming July 10th installment of Tom Marshall’s inside-music podcast Under The Scales, where the three songwriters will discuss their creative process when collaborating with each other. According to Marshall, “This [next] episode of Under the Scales features the guitarists Anthony Krizan and Cal Kehoe, so it’s a perfect preview of their July 25 after-Phish-party at the Iridium in Times Square. These two guys in the same band is a guitar-lovers dream. They are two of the best players currently touring. I was privileged to write a song recently with each of them, and that is what my recent podcast episode is about…we explore how the songs were created from scratch. It’s a great window into the writing and recording process. The episode is called ‘Tale of Two Songs.'”

Says Kehoe, “It was an honor to be included as a guest on Under The Scales. Listening to Tom and his guests the first 3 Monday’s of every month has become a ritual of mine. In addition, having the opportunity to work with the person responsible for writing some of the songs from the soundtrack of my life was beyond description. I came to Tom with an idea to write a song about a show we both loved, Stranger Things, and it then morphed into a “Space Jam” of sorts (not Michael Jordan’s Space Jam, but I wish). Really looking forward to debuting “Limbo” and another new song that Tom, Anthony and I wrote at the Iridium. May chaos reign on July 25th!”

You can watch the new official music video for Cal Kehoe‘s “Limbo” featuring Phish lyricist Tom Marshall (and vocal work from the Spin Doctors’ Anthony Krizan) below [Directed & Edited By Nick Burns]. You can also stream the song on Spotify or purchase a download via iTunes:

Cal Kehoe has begun to develop a reputation as one of the brightest and most versatile new artists on the Greater New England live music circuit. He brings his own distinct, unique style and interpretation to the stage, making it look easy using looping techniques developed over years of study and practice. His performances are a blend of original music and interpretations of some of the greatest music of our times spanning a vast array of artists from The Grateful Dead to The Allman Brothers Band, Marvin Gaye to Michael Jackson, Gary Clark Jr., to John Mayer. As Kehoe explains, “It’s all about connecting with the audience to the point where they’re having as much fun listening and dancing to the music as I am playing it.”

Tickets to the Amfibian All-Stars July 25th Phish late-night at the Iridium in Times Square are available here.

You can listen to Cal Kehoe and Anthony Krizan on the next episode of Tom Marshall’s Under The Scales podcast, debuting here on Monday, July 10th. You can peruse past episodes of Under The Scales on the podcast’s website.