June 12th marks the birthday of legendary pianist Chick Corea. Corea got his first big break playing in Miles Davis’ band in the late 1960s, giving rise to the electric jazz fusion movement. Corea continued to press those boundaries forward with Return To Forever, his own ensemble. By incorporating Latin elements into the jazz-steeped music, Corea has earned a spot as one of the foremost jazz pianists ever.

As his career has gone on, Chick Corea became more focused on intimate duo performances. Among the many creative collaborations, none stand out quite as much as his work with Béla Fleck. The esteemed banjoist is no stranger to jazz music, as The Flecktones are essentially a jazz ensemble. When Corea and Fleck go toe to toe, the music is incredibly moving.

In celebration of Chick Corea, listen to this live album, which is a product of his time working with Béla Fleck.

Two – Album Teaser Video

[Video: Chick Corea]

Two (Live) – Chick Corea & Béla Fleck – Full Album

[Originally published 6/12/16]