On March 25th, 2000, Derek Trucks Band played a show at the now-closed Wetlands Preserve in New York City. The performance was special to be sure, with members of Soulive joining the band at points throughout their performance.

Soulive guitarist Eric Krasno joined the then-22-year-old Derek Trucks to help play on “Chicken Strut”, “Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything)”, and “Mr. P.C.”, while keyboardist Neal Evans also made his way to the stage to sit in on the latter two. Peter Prince also joined in on the fun with a sit-in during the band’s cover of “You’re So Unique”.

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While no video of these epic sit-ins exists, fans can relive the March 2000 performance via the full-show audio player below.

Derek Trucks Band – Wetlands Preserve – 3/25/2000 [Full-Show Audio]

[Audio: Yossi3080]