Digital Frontier is a band that has a deep history in the live electronica scene. Hailing from Westchester and Long Beach, NY, the band consists of Sol Montoya on drums, Matt Smilkstein on keys, Luke Stocker on bass and Jesse Stocker on flute and synth. Aptly named for their electronic flow and innovative sound, Digital Frontier was formed in 2006, and made a big impact from day one. Tonight, they’ll get down with The Jauntee for a Valentine’s Day extravaganza at American Beauty (get tickets here).

The band can trace their foundations to the eclectic college town of New Paltz, NY. They got their start playing parties in a my basement, as well as late night shows at the nearby Cabaloosa. Touring only increased their growing fanbase, and they started drawing bigger audiences in New York City. They even had the honor of playing the downstairs room the last two closing weekends at CBGB’s while Blondie was playing upstairs in the main room.

Throughout the years, the band played many Disco Biscuits and Lotus late nights, gaining a solid crossover fan base with both bands. From playing Summer Dance Festival in Ohio to one of the biggest day sets at Camp Bisco, DigiFront spread their wings and made a name for themselves on the festival circuit as an dark, dirty late night act not to miss.

Unfortunately, after a few lineup changes, the band decided to ultimately go their separate ways. Though they planned to reunite, their studio and equipment in Long Beach was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy, delaying these plans entirely. It wasn’t until Sol Montoya and Jesse Stocker recently discussed bringing the band back that they made this exciting reunion happen. The two band members worked sound and lighting together at Sullivan Hall, and got their DigiFront counterparts together to start practicing once more.

With the original lineup back in action, the practice sessions were sounding tighter than ever, and the band decided to record them as The Basement Sessions. After getting to play at Bowery Ballroom and Luna Light Music Festival, DigiFront are eyeing 2017 to take things farther than ever. The band has a fresh outlook and a vicious passion to keep playing, and their practices have been concise and strong with a dark flowing vibe. Leading up to their Valentine’s Day show with The Jauntee, they have prepared an array of new music and are excited to show it off. We are truly about to experience a new frontier.