For years, jazz/funk fusion trio Soulive held down an annual March spot at the Brooklyn Bowl for a guest-filled residency, appropriately dubbed Bowlive. After taking a year off from the tradition, the trio—comprised of guitarist Eric Krasno, drummer Alan Evans, and keyboardist Neal Evans—returned in 2017 for a summer rendition of Bowlive, then took 2018 off. Now, in celebration of their 20-year anniversary as a band, Soulive will make their triumphant return to the Brooklyn Bowl for the eighth running of Bowlive, set to take place on July 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, and 20th.

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In 2019, the simple fact that Soulive is playing a run of shows is enough to get fans excited. However, as any Bowlive aficionado knows, the magic of these shows doesn’t just come from the core trio—it comes from the special, anything-can-happen, anyone-might-show-up reputation which the residency has garnered throughout the years.

Ahead of the start of Bowlive VIII this week, we picked Eric Krasno’s brain about his favorite Bowlive moments—and each of them boiled down to memorable encounters with notable musical allies.

As Kraz explains, “This is a hard one for me. There are SO many moments from Bowlive that I cherish as lifelong memories. But here are a few that stand out…”

Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes

“For a few years, the Allman BrothersBeacon [Theatre] run overlapped with Bowlive. Derek [Trucks] got up and played with us at the end of the 2nd set… We found out Warren [Haynes] was there and we ended up playing a long 3rd set with both of them up there. This was a special night for sure.”

Soulive w/ Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes, & More – 3/8/13 – Full Audio

[Taped by Eric McRoberts]

Soulive w/ Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks – “The Thrill Is Gone” – 3/8/13

[Video: Barry2theB]

Bernie Worrell

“It was always a dream of mine to play P-Funk songs with the master, [keyboardist] Bernie Worrell. We put a special band together (Soulive PLUS) that with featured Chris Loftlin (bass) Nigel Hall (keys), Alecia Chakour (vocals) and an A-list horn section and played through the Parliament-Funkadelic classics. When Bernie played the intro to ‘Flashlight’, the whole place exploded. I’ll never forget that.”

Soulive PLUS w/ Bernie Worrell – “Flashlight” – 3/3/11

[Video: jessicas61681]

Susan Tedeschi

“I always wanted to put Susan [Tedeschi] and Soulive together. She had sat in with us over the years, but this time we got to dig into some of her catalog along with some soul classic. I love seeing her with Tedeschi Trucks Band, but this was a departure and the fans got to see her shine in a different way.”

Soulive w/ Susan Tedeschi & More – “There’s A Break In The Road” – 3/19/14

[Video: marc millman]

Soulive w/ Susan Tedeschi & More – “Misunderstood” – 3/19/14

[Video: Barry2theB]

Soulive w/ Susan Tedeschi, Jon Cleary, Joe Russo, & More – “Turn On Your Love Light” – 3/19/14

[Video: marc millman]

Kofi and Oteil Burbridge

Kofi and Oteil [Burbridge] were Soulive’s biggest supporters from day one. Oteil was on our first LP and Kofi sat in with us countless times over the years. They both always knew that they were welcome onstage and were an extended part of the band. There’s something transcendent about when the Burbridge and Evans bros make music together. I had the honor of sharing in that magic many times during Bowlive.”

Soulive w/ Oteil Burbridge & Kofi Burbridge – “So Live!” – 3/21/14

[Video: Barry2theB]

Soulive w/ Oteil Burbridge & Kofi Burbridge – 3/10/10

[Video: Josh Weinstein]


Pete Shapiro was the one who ran up to me many years ago at the Beacon Theater and said, ‘I’m opening a bowling alley and I want Soulive there for 2 weeks!!!’ Little did I know that that crazy idea would become one of the most important traditions in my musical life. He always finds a way to take the celebration over the top, but one year he actually bought shots for the ENTIRE sold-out crowd at the bowl. The greatest toast of all time [laughs]!”

The Bowlive Story – Trailer

[Video: Relix]

Honorable Mentions

“Bowlive couldn’t exist without the staple guests that always bring their musical prowess and energy to move the crowd. These guys are our musical heroes that became close friends and family over the years: George Porter Jr., John Scofield, and Ivan Neville.”

Soulive w/ John Scofield, Ivan Nevile – 3/8/11

[Video: royalfamilypresents]

Soulive w/ George Porter Jr. & Warren Haynes – “Ain’t No Use” – 3/14/14

[Video: LazyLightning55a]

Bowlive VIII will take place at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY on July 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, and 20th.

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