Today, North Carolina jam rock sextet BIG Something delivers some new visuals for their latest single, “Timebomb”, off their upcoming sixth studio album, Escape.

After releasing “Timebomb” last week, the newest single off the band’s forthcoming album, BIG Something is wasting no “time” in releasing the official music video, which Live For Live Music is delighted to premiere today. The upbeat, funky, psychedelia-infused track provides ever-danceable grooves, a soaring horn section, and lyrics that make the listener question the very nature of reality.

Directed by Jameson Mangan, the video captures the song’s essence perfectly, taking the viewer on a colorful journey through time and space that evokes every emotion imaginable. While the video’s theme is, of course, the passage of time, Mangan highlights its relativity, juxtaposing images of prehistoric creatures alongside a disco beach party, or astronauts floating through Ancient Mayan edifices. The very idea of a linear time structure is thrown away in favor of a less tangible interpretation of the concept. Aside from the interplay between the song’s meaning and the abstract imagery in the video, “Timebomb” comes at a perfect time, given the current global climate.

“We originally had no idea we would be releasing this song during a global pandemic but now here we are dropping a dance track for the apocalypse a la Prince‘s ‘1999’ during a quarantine and worldwide shutdown with no clear end in sight,” lead singer and guitarist Nick MacDaniels notes.

“I think most of us know we’re going to get through this, but it’s a scary time for a lot of people and it really can start to feel apocalyptic. We originally wrote this song thinking it would just be a fun dance track for our live show, but now the lyrics have kind of come to life in a crazy way,” MacDaniels continues.

Take a trip to every corner of the universe with BIG Something’s trippy new video for “Timebomb” below:

BIG Something – “Timebomb” (Official Music Video)

[Video: Big Something]

“Timebomb” joins the previously released singles “Heavy” and “The Breakers”, which will all be included on the forthcoming Escape album. Though they have yet to announce a concrete date, BIG Something promises to release the album at some point this year.

As far as the band’s tour schedule is concerned, BIG Something currently has several performances booked towards the end of the summer, however, due to the ongoing pandemic, it remains unclear whether or not any live events are feasible in 2020. Head to BIG Something’s website for the latest tour information.