True Loves, the Seattle soul supersquad, are preparing for the release of their sophomore album, Sunday Afternoon, due out on May 28th via Color Red. Ahead of the album’s arrival, Live For Live Music is excited to bring you the premiere of Sunday Afternoon track “Objects in Mirror”.

The all-star project features Jason Cressey (Odesza/Monophonics) on trombone, Greg Kramer (Macklemore) on trombone, Gordon Brown on tenor sax, Skerik (Mike Clark/Fred Wesley/Charlie Hunter/Garage a Trois) on baritone sax, Jimmy James (Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio) on guitar, Bryant Moore on bass, David McGraw (formerly Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio) on drums, and Ivan Galvez on percussion.

What started as a Sunday jam session with James, Moore, and McGraw back in 2014 has snowballed into both an established eight-piece band and a showcase for the best of the Seattle music scene. Sunday Afternoon will mark the groups first new album since their 2017 debut, Famous Last Words.

The new True Loves album was heralded on Wednesday with the release of the music video for “Sunday Afternoon”. The video for the title track, produced by Wild Gravity, casts the members of the band as players in an epic heist, setting up an aesthetic for the instrumental soul album.

If the sauntering “Sunday Afternoon” is the plot, “Objects in Mirror” is the getaway. Evoking the ironclad, interlocking grooves of the Godfather himself, Mr. James Brown, the track shifts to high gear thanks to the turbo-charged horn section and the on-the-move wash of Jimmy James’ delay- and Leslie-assisted solo.

“This is the song I want to hear the next time I’m a getaway driver in a car chase,” tenor saxophonist Gordon Brown confirms. Adds Greg Kramer, “This is too fast, who wrote this?!”

“‘Objects (in Mirror) got its start long before it made its way onto Sunday Afternoon,” Jason Cressey explains. “The tune was originally written and recorded by David [McGraw], Bryant [Moore], and Jimmy [James] in July of 2015 during a rhythm section rehearsal. Years later, Gordon Brown and I found the tune chilling in a Dropbox folder and began adding horn parts to fit in and around the already written bones of the tune.”

He adds, “The underlying vibe of ‘Objects in Mirror’ represents the signature sound of the True Loves: an unrelenting rhythm section driving the groove forward accompanied by a tight, fire breathing horn section.”

Listen to the premiere of “Objects in Mirror” by True Loves below.

True Loves – “Objects in Mirror”

[Video: Color Red]

On Friday, May 28th, True Loves will perform a full album release livestream show at Royal Room via LoudSwell. RSVP to the Facebook event for more info and tune in or contribute at The band will follow up the performance with a Friday, June 11th KEXP Home Session at 11 a.m. PT featuring a selection of songs from Sunday Afternoon and an interview with the band.

Pre-orders for Sunday Afternoon are available ahead of the album’s May 28th release on digital platforms as well as vinyl and CD. For more update on True Loves, follow the band on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.