Emerging from the fertile psychedelic environs of Portland, Oregon is Sepiatonic, a whirlwind of scintillating sound, color and candor. The group has long been astounding audiences with their rollicking theatrical concoctions that blend Vaudeville, House beats, electro-swing with live instrumentation, and stimulating humor in glorious, harmonious and kaleidoscopic fashion.

“Sepiatonic strives to bring vintage class into today’s electronic music, and to put a bumpin’ booty party into a vaudeville experience,” says multi-instrumentalist Anthony Meade, one of the composers/musical minds behind the Sepiatonic remix production.


Sepiatonic is back in a bombastic way with more patented provocative pastiche. Today, they unveil a new single/video: a free-wheeling take on classic Atlanta crunk, remixing and reimagining the Dirty South anthem “Get Low” by Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz, no doubt a timeless jam that transcends region and generation.

As Meade explains, “We wanted to flip the script and update this hip-hop classic with a snappier beat and 2020 sensibility. We reimagined the feminine being the subject of the song, rather than the object for a change. That way she can ‘get low’ on her own accord.”

Produced and directed by the members of Sepiatonic, the brand-new “Get Low” video features a motley crew of colorful characters runnin’ wild on the loose, prowling the streets of downtown Los Angeles. While a relentless four-on-the-floor beat thumps beneath a pulsating bassline, the digitized accordion dances along the groove, augmented by the fabulous vocal stylings of theatrical belly-dancer/burlesque-artist Karolina Lux. All that leads to a breakdown that would make Missy Elliot and Timbaland quiver with glee. A salacious squad of prismatic merrymakers prance the pavement while the relentless funk keeps pumpin’. The group visually flips the hit song’s inherently problematic gender roles on their proverbial axis whilst offering vibrant strut routines and an undeniable dance-floor heater to boot.

You can watch the Live For Live Music premiere of Sepiatonic‘s reimagined “Get Low” below:

Sepiatonic – “Get Low” [Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz ft. Ying Yang Twinz cover]

[Video: Sepiatonic]

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