The Floozies‘ Matt and Mark Hill use their sibling nature to completely read each other musically as the duo got the Fool’s Paradise crowd up and bumping! Their years of making music together has led to a pitch perfect understanding of the direction they are heading and how they will get there.

Eschewing tradition, their shows are as much recreating studio concepts as they are creating new music live – either way, it works for everyone. The proof was plain to see in the ecstatic faces of everyone who packed the crowd and got busy getting down!

As the last act before Lettuce closed out Fool’s Paradise in fine style, The Floozies had to take the torch ignited by The Main Squeeze and The Motet before them and fan the flames even higher. Luckily for everyone within earshot, they were more than up to the task, though they did get a little help from The Shady Horns. Check out their sit in and more from the wicked and wild set from The Floozies wonderful set below!