Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo met in a middle school typing class with nothing in common. Until one day, they bonded over music and thus became Ween, an immature combination of the words “wuss” and “penis” and an alternative rock band that would capture the hearts of other weird-music-lovers for thirty-seven years and counting. Following a breakup in 2012, the best friends triumphantly came back together in the winter of 2016, and now it looks (and sounds) as though Gene Ween (Freeman) and Dean Ween (Melchiondo) are doing better than ever.

While the band’s hiatus meant also taking a break from his stage name, Freeman told Fly Magazine, “I was really having an identity crisis and that happens…so it’s important to separate those things. You get lost in who you are. As I grow and get more confident in who I am and my sobriety it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, Gene Ween.’ It’s a positive thing and it represents the work I did since I was 16.” And with his sobriety, came the ultimate Rise of the Boognish.

The unmistakable voice and rhythm of Gene Ween is back; and like the reunion of any childhood best friends, we’re here to celebrate with some old-school videos.

Let’s start with Ween’s first-ever music video, this one for “Push th’ Little Daisies”, followed by some classics from Chocolate and Cheese and White Pepper.

Ween – “Push th’ Little Daisies”

[Video: deltatangofoxtot]

Ween – “Voodoo Lady”

[Video: metaliger]

Ween – “Even If You Don’t”

[Video: rebirthday]

Happy 51st birthday, Gener!