Thus far, 2017 has been kind to Portland-based singer-songwriter, Brad Parsons. In the few weeks since the year has begun, Parsons has released his first full-length solo album, Hold True, and kicked off his first tour with the Brad Parsons Band. As an Artist-At-Large for this year’s Winter WonderGrass and Northwest String Summit, Parsons has been gaining momentum with audiences across the West with his sincere sound and larger-than-life vocals. Now, the former member of Horse Feathers is capitalising on that buzz by shifting his focus toward his own solo project, much to the delight of old fans and new.

Hold True, his first full-length solo album, was produced by Fruition’s Tyler Thompson and captures the upcoming artist’s genre-bending mix of Americana with, as Parsons describes, “a psychedelic sheen.” The album also features appearances from some of his friends, including all of the members of Fruition, Bevin Foley of Trout Steak Revival, Cody Russell of The Drunken Hearts, and Daniel Lee. You can check out Hold True for yourself below or purchase the album via his website.


“The whole record is kind of a statement of who I am and what I’m trying to do,” Parsons says of Hold True, “This record represents something that was fully realised in my brain and something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The fact that Tyler and I were able to make the record that we set out to make from the beginning, something that’s in-line with our original vision, is deeply satisfying.”

This month also marks the start of his first tour with the Brad Parsons Band. The four-piece outfit features Parsons, Forest Carter on drums, Daniel Lee on bass, and Dylan DiSalvio on guitar, and the group has been steadily hitting cities across the Midwest and West to promote Hold True. The release of the new album marks a decided shift in Parsons’ focus toward touring, who when asked about his intentions looking forward to the rest of the year, exclaimed, “God damn! All we want to do is go out there and show people a good time and make them feel something real.”

You can purchase Parson’s new album, Hold True, via his website, as well as find out more information about his remaining tour dates.