In a psychedelic explosion of sound and color, Out Of The Beardspace emerges with an incredibly unique blend of improvisation and compositional prowess. Their songs fuse jazz, pop, funk, and rock, mixed together into one fascinating Beardly Beast that has cultivated a loyal following.

Members of the band formed out of a School of Rock program, which enabled them to tour across the world with stars like Jon Anderson (Yes) and Perry Farrell (Jane’s Addiction). Once graduated, the members reconvened to form this incredible band back in 2011, and have been on a tear ever since. They’ve shared bills with groups like Moon Hooch, Lettuce, Consider the Source, Lettuce, EOTO and more, but there’s no telling how high they’ll climb.

So what does a live blend of jazz, jam, pop, funk and rock sound like? Check out some footage from the band’s performance of “Closer To The Source” from Camp Jam 2014, showcasing the band’s enormous talents.

Between the changes between sections, complex vocal harmonies, and virtuosic musicianship, it’s no surprise that Out Of The Beardspace is making waves in the live music scene.

Perhaps most impressive of all is their annual festival, Beardfest, which continues to grow with each passing year. With acts like Moon Hooch, Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles, Consider the Source, Splintered Sunlight and more, it’s never a dull moment at Beardfest.

Check out this live version of “Sacrifice” from Beardfest 2014:

And how about “Trabs” from Beardfest 2015? The excitement is palpable:

Of course you may be wondering where the band gets their name. The “Beardspace” is more of a metaphysical state than a phsyical one, referring to someone who is deep in thought, stroking a metaphorical beard. In that sense, the band is taking deeply creative ideas “Out of the Beardspace” by converting them into musical realities. 

To this end, Out of the Beardspace is a success. It’s not every day that you can come across a band that can create and perform such incredibly unique music, but Beardspace has succeeded in breaking the mold. With one listen, you’ll only want to listen to more! Fortunately, there’s a Bandcamp page for that.

For more about their annual festival, coming up from June 16-18 in Hammonton, NJ, check out the poster below. You can also click the poster for more information.