There’s something funky going on in Minneapolis, MN, and it goes by the name of PHO. The seven-piece funk group continues to make a name for themselves, with infectious music and some great live performances. After touring with The Motet and playing a sold-out Park West, the band couldn’t be happier with where they are.

Drummer Demetrius Mabry said, “Playing that sold out show with The Motet was like something out of a movie, we all was expecting to be driving back home. Nobody was packed for an extra day.. But we knew this was a chance that doesn’t come around like this!  And it was my birthday the next day so it was a dope Birthday celebration!”

Of course, one the biggest recognitions for the group PHO is from another legendary artist from Minnesota, Prince. Earlier this year, The Purple One tweeted out a video of PHO’s live set, pointing to specific spots that he enjoyed from the band’s show. You can get a taste of that performance here:

Prince liked them so much, he invited the band to open for Larry Graham and Graham Central Station. Keyboardist Patrick Horigan spoke about the experience, saying, “Because we all have such an individual relationship with Prince’s music, I think everyone was affected differently. Definitely feelings of astonishment. I have the Purple Rain poster in my living room and I remember the day of our paisley park show staring at in silence, emotions abound. His music is one of the reasons we are inspired to make what we make so getting recognition also was quite re-affirming that we aren’t doing the Minneapolis legacy any injustice.”

Things just keep getting bigger and better for PHO. The group has some fun after parties on the horizon, including a show post-Umphrey’s McGee on April 28th and another one post-Phish on June 22nd. You can find out all about their upcoming shows via their official website.

The band also has a new album in the works, so keep your ears peeled for some fresh PHO funk. With John Davis at the production helm, there’s no telling what the band will accomplish. Guitarist Joe Christensen said, “The band has grown so much musically and I can’t wait to hear how John Davis captures our vibe on the next record. Influences range from Lettuce, Prince, Fela Kuti and Tortoise, to name a few. The songs are funky, psychedelic and soulful, coming together to make one tasty bowl of PHO.”

We love that PHO phunk!