In the beginning…. there was THUMP. Or more accurately, there was LA-based quintet Thumpasaurus. Coming together at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, the founding members of Thumpasaurus have developed an eclectic, homemade aesthetic unlike anything else this side of the Milky Way. With a homebase at USC’s famed underground performance venue YONI, where they’ve opened for cult acts like KNOWER and Vulfpeck, Thump has honed their ability to get people dancing. Their analog, classic rhythm-section setup recalls 70s funk acts, but the vibes they bring are pure 2016, influenced by LA’s up-all-night electronic music scene. The result of these influences are everything you hear in the track below.

Live For Live Music is really excited to premiere the band’s new single, “I’m Too Funky”, which smashes together dance, funk, and Thump’s secret recipe of herbs and spices together at 1,000 times the speed of light. Recorded at the home studio of drummer Henry Was (son of legendary producer Don Was), enjoy “I’m Too Funky” below:

“When I wrote ‘I’m Too Funky’, I was thinking about how funk and groove is a vehicle that allows me to live presently, out of time, out of my head,” says Lucas Tamaren of the t’chune. “Up and away! Let the funk allow you to be in a place beyond your control – which is a lovely place, in my opinion.”

Comprised of Tamaren on guitar and vocals, Paul Cornish on keys, Logan Kane on bass, Henry Solomon on saxophone, and Henry Was on drums, Thumpasaurus is a force to be reckoned with. With an album on the way, and an official release party set for November 4th at the Mint in LA, we are excited to hear more from these fellas, and especially to see how their careers unfold after graduation. Be sure to follow them here, on their new funky website, and be on the look out to catch Thump in their natural habitat!

Check out this music video that the band low-key released last week, of their original track “You Are So Pretty”, another fantastic representation of the strange-thinking creativity the funk-punk rockers are capable of.

Of course, music translates differently from studio recordings to live environments. So here’s a video of them opening up for Vulfpeck, marking them Vulf-approved. We like that. Feel this: