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Great Peacock Shares Rock-Heavy Anthem “Come Around”

Great Peacock is a Nashville-based, indie-folk group with huge sound, superb songwriting, and harmonious showmanship. Following the release of the band’s freshman LP Making Ghosts (2015), Great Peacock has shared their newest single “Come Around” under the guidance of Nashville producer Dex Greene (Elizabeth Cook, Collective Soul).

The track was initially recorded in 2016 with production assistance from fellow Nashvillian, Dan Fernandez, and was recently mastered for this very release. The band’s primary songwriter, Andrew Nelson, describes the song as a “straight-ahead, rock tune that will get you moving.” He continues about “Come Around,” “Part of the reason we decided to release it as a single is because it tends to stand out compared to most of our other material. It might be the most ‘rock’ song in our repertoire. Realizing that the song wouldn’t necessarily fit on our upcoming album, we remembered that we were sitting on an already existing recording of the song. So, we remixed it and decided to release it on its own. It’s about a guy that is in love, but isn’t sure whether that love feels the same.”

Listen to Great Peacock’s anthemic new track “Come Around” below:

Combining rock, country, and folk, Great Peacock writes clean, simple, and direct songs addressing shared truths to which people from all walks of life can relate. And when it comes to their live performances, the band can have you raising your glass and shouting one moment and soberly pining for an old lover the next. Serious or not, the band’s name started as a funny joke between the members. Nelson admits about the band name origin, it’s “kind of a parody of all the indie-folk animal bands—but through the evolution of everything we’ve done, we’ve always been big and colorful. That’s why Blount jumps around onstage. That’s why I wear a jacket embroidered with feathers, which is basically a poor man’s nudie suit. We’ve embraced the image of the big peacock feathers, and we want to entertain you. We look that way, we think that way, and we sound that way, too.”

Nelson and co-founder and songwriting counterpoint Blount Floyd first crossed paths in their early 20s, bonding instantly over a shared love of cheap beer and good Southern music. After logging several years together in a much louder Tennessee-based rock & roll band, they split off to form their own project, swapping out the amplified swagger of their past for a straightforward sound anchored by acoustic guitars, anthemic melodies and two entwined voices. An old-school harmony duo retuned for a new generation, Great Peacock started off with a handful of classic influences—the country croon of George Jones, the working class rock & roll of Bruce Springsteen, the classic American jangle of Tom Petty—and expanded their sound from there, turning Great Peacock into the sort of band that’s simultaneously rooted in tradition while looking to the future.

Great Peacock’s upcoming fall schedule includes a run of dates with Charleston’s SUSTO and The High Divers, beginning with The Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA on September 21, running up the east coast, and ultimately culminating with the band’s sophomore appearance at the Hulaween Festival in Live Oak, FL. Click here for their full tour schedule.