Yesterday, Snoop Dogg, or rather Snoop Lion, did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ or AMA on Reddit, answering a plethora of questions from random fans. As you can imagine, putting Snoop Dogg live in a public forum can only lead to hilarious results. He answered questions about everything from his favorite munchies to career accomplishments. Here are some of the highlights:

When asked about how Snoop got his start:
“Warren G passed my demo to DRe n that was it!”

Did he really get Katt Williams that high?

Is he always high before concerts or recordings?

How high is Snoop right now?

Would he accept an invite to a party from Charlie Sheen?
“been there n done that”

Why does he carry an umbrella?
“Fo Drizzle”

Who is better at smoking weed, Dr. Dre or Dave Chappelle?
“Dave Chappelle”

He was even answered ridiculous questions like, “I had the pleasure of seeing you perform at Osheaga this summer. I believe it was your second or third time performing as Snoop Lion. You had two strippers give you a lap dance simultaneously on stage, while wearing track pants. How did you avoid the inevitable public boner on big screen??!?!?!”
“Im a pro ! 20 years in tha game that dont phase me!!”

Craziest concert experience?

Best life lesson learned?
“stay original be true”

On what it was like working on Starsky and Hutch with Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller?
“Those cats can smoke uhearme”

On working with Major Lazer?
“It was classic!! My guys! They tha crew!”

Does he roll his own blunts, or are they rolled for him?

How much weed does he smoke in a week?
“81 blunts a day X 7″

Why not 82?
“on a good day”

If he could smoke with anyone in history, who?
“Bob Marley, ya dig”

His favorite album to listen to while smoking?
“Curtis Mayfeild, SUPERFLY”

At one point, Snoop decided to ask himself a question – “whose da only person that has ever smoked me out?”
“willie nelson, whiz khalifa, n b real!!! my guys!!!!”

One user claimed he was sitting with a fat blunt, two joints, and a bong. Which should he smoke?
“100 joint-sized blunts.”

What his favorite munchies are?
“Pistachios n Frito bbq twists! Red Vines!”

The age old question: Can a white guy say the N-word if singing a rap song?
“def not in public”

How it feels to have more Reddit karma than President Obama?
“Im tha hood Obama”

Some brief controversy broiled up, as when someone asked Snoop what the longest he’d ever gone without smoking was, he replied with ‘two weeks’. After user ‘a_lot_of_fish’ responded that it must have been the first two weeks of his life, Snoop changed his answer to 164 days – and then answered the question with this video. This is real life.

Seriously, Snoop stayed in this chat for hours. When it seemed like he was gone, he’d come right back. It was one of the craziest, funniest things ever. Just imagine Snoop Dogg, high as shit, sitting at a computer for hours, just answering every single question that these anonymous people shot at him. Every single question. He even made videos. I just wish I could see what was going on in that room.

This is a new high (literally) for artist AMAs on Reddit. There are literally pages, and pages, and pages of answers like the ones above – and they’re all hilarious. It’s classic Snoop. You can read the whole thing here.