Reggae sensation HIRIE burst onto the scene in 2013 with her self-titled debut album, and hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down since! With an exquisite fusion of island rhythms with reggae sensibilities, the music HIRIE is producing is downright enchanting, drawing in the listener with each and every passing note.

As HIRIE gets set to release her new album, Wandering Soul, this Friday, August 19th, fans eagerly await a new sampling of music from the esteemed artist. The music is mostly recorded live throughout the album, and features contributions from artists like Trevor Hall, Nahko Bear, Nattali Rize and more! With the new album due out so soon, we’re honored to premiere the collaboration with Nahko Bear; a track titled “Renegade.”

Speaking about the new song, HIRIE said, “‘Renegade’ is a song about going against the grain and standing up for your primal beliefs. Working alongside Nahko was a dream because he’s a very revolutionary writer. “These are poisoned times – join the renegade”. In today’s world it’s not a bad thing to stand out in a crowd of sheep. 

Listen to HIRIE’s new song “Renegade” featuring Nahko Bear, streaming below.

HIRIE will be out on the road supporting this album and touring with Nahko & Medicine For The People this fall, before heading out on the road with Rebelution shortly thereafter. Don’t miss out!

All information about the new album and upcoming tour dates can be found on HIRIE’s website!