We’ll start this birthday tribute with two undeniable facts: 1) Led Zeppelin was one of the most impactful rock bands of all time. 2) A band is really only as good as its drummer. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Led Zeppelin’s kit man John Bonham is consistently viewed as one of the greatest that ever lived.

While Bonham’s life was sadly cut short at the age of 32, his musical legacy lives on through both his son, Jason Bonham, and an impressive catalog from his tenure with Zeppelin.

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Bonzo was a madman behind the drums but still managed to keep things grooving like no other. Whether it was following along with Jimmy Page‘s behemoth solos or Robert Plant‘s blues riffing on vocals, Bonham never missed a beat.

His hard-hitting style has certainly earned him a place in many fans’ hearts, as the drummer would improvise for many an extended drum solo performance. Whenever that famous opening riff of the Led Zeppelin II track “Moby Dick” was played live, fans knew to expect some pure drumming from Bonzo.

On what would have been his 76th birthday, we salute John Bonham with this drum solo on Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick” from a 1970 show in London’s Royal Albert Hall. Feast your ears on this masterpiece of percussion.

Led Zeppelin – “Moby Dick” – Royal Albert Hall 1970

[Video: Kaushal Bajracharya]

Happy birthday John Bonham!

[Originally published in 2016]