Back in the fall of 2016, Alicia Keys threw a surprise concert in Times Square to support her upcoming Here LP. Keys invited a bevy of special guests to contribute to the musical celebration, including John Mayer and Questlove, who previously had shared a stage at the Roots Picnic in Bryant Park the weekend before. Hip-hop heavyweights Q-Tip, Jay-Z, and Nas were among the many other musicians that performed at the pop-up performance.

One of the most noteworthy numbers was the exquisite collaboration between John Mayer, Questlove, and Alicia Keys, who go way back in the pop and R&B world. Mayer and The Roots‘ drummer appeared together in a hilarious sketch on Chappelle’s Show back in 2004, and again in this very special rendition of “If I Ain’t Got You” on October 9th, 2016.

Once the pianist/singer/songwriter started into the throwback hit, Questlove strolled in and took a seat behind the kit. Then, then Mayer eventually joined the stage and took carried the vocals for the song’s second verse. As Alicia mused with a smile while Mayer took the stage, “Take your time, we just up here vibin.” The two sang the chorus together before Mayer took a bluesy guitar solo which eventually meandered into his own “Gravity”. The two vocalists shared the song beautifully before returning back into “If I Ain’t Got You.” The mash-up was one that any music lover could appreciate time and time again. Check it out below.

Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Questlove & More – “If I Ain’t Got You” > “Gravity” > “If I Ain’t Got You” [Pro-Shot]

[Video: didjital vibe]

Happy birthday, Alicia Keys! Thanks for all the incredible music you’ve given us over the years!

[Originally published 1/25/17]