Sax man Karl Denson and his band The Tiny Universe brought peaches and jams to the Big Orange Music Festival for a tasty medley of musical flavors. The in-demand horn blower has been alternating his time between hitting the biggest stages in the world as a member of the Rolling Stones‘ top-notch touring band and playing with his own band of merry men including a recent tribute to the Allman Brothers and their seminal Eat A Peach album with a run of shows dubbed “Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe presents Eat A Bunch of Peaches.”

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Denson seemed resolute in his desire to pack as much music as he could into his ninety-minute set, tackling their time with all the enthusiasm and energy of a band with a plan. Denson, as always, acted as a true bandleader, making sure everyone onstage got a few moments to shine while never losing sight of the overall purpose of the performance. The heart and soul put into every note, particularly the two Allman Brothers numbers, “Dreams” and “Ain’t Wastin’ TIme No More”, were instant crowd favorites.

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In his decade of performing, Denson has learned a thing or two about how to work a crowd. He made a joke or two but never spoke long enough to annoy ardent fans. He played solos that served the material and not ego, but above all else, he managed to impart a sense of urgency and musical import. Beyond that though, he did the job that can sometimes get overlooked when juggling so many jobs at once—he entertained the crowd. Clearly enjoying the positive feedback, Denson cheerfully turned the reigns over to his friend JJ at the end of the set, though the crowd wisely but futilely begged for one last song, with the masterful musician illustrating one of the founding principals of show business—”Always leave them wanting more.”

You can check out videos of Karl Denson and The Tiny Universe’s performance at Big Orange Music Festival on November 18th below. Enjoy!

Setlist: Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe | Laishley Park | Punta Gorda, FL | 11/18/2017

Set: Stand Back, Befriended, How Fine, Dreams, Grunt, Mighty Mouse, Ain’t Wasting Time No More, So Real

“How Fine > Dreams > Grunt”

“So Real”

“Ain’t Waistin’ Time No More”

[Photo: Christopher Burgess]