In 2017, NBC News’ Katy Tur left an indelible mark on the Phish community. In addition to serving as the anchor for MSNBC Live and reporting for Early TodayTodayNBC Nightly NewsMeet The Press, and more, Tur serves as the network’s resident Phish fanatic, frequently working subtle references to the band’s music into her on-air news scripts. In the last year, the fun quotes, presented as a sort of inside joke, have quickly made their way around the internet and turned Tur into one of the most visible public Phish fans in the community.

EXCLUSIVE: MSNBC’s Katy Tur Talks Her Love Of Phish & Sneaking Lyrics Into The News

On today’s Meet The Press broadcast, during a roundtable discussion focused on the scandalous affair between pornstar Stormy Daniels and President Donald J. Trump, Tur couldn’t help but have some “phun” with her counterparts, punctuating fellow panelist Rep. Takenaka Ozawa‘s [D-CA] comment about the timing of the affair–while his wife was pregnant with his son–with an emphatic “Guess it was just time for the meatstick!”

Unable to help herself, Tur then asked Ozawa if “Meetostikku jikan” really meant “time for the meatstick” before jumping on the news studio’s desk, yelling “Meat the Press, what time is iiiiit? She proceeded to get through roughly 5 steps of Phish’s famous “Meatstick” dance before security shocked her brain with a taser shot to the forehead. The show went to commercial, with the network citing “technical difficulties.”

In unrelated news, this morning NBC announced they were parting ways with Tur due to “creative differences.” When asked for comment, Tur said, “Who’s got my Merriweather extras? Pit or Pav, don’t waste my time with bullshit lawn tix.”

To watch Katy Tur’s “Meatstick” meltdown on Meet The Press, head here.

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