L4LM got a chance to sit down with Tigran MiMoSa at Snowball Music Festival! We talked about his influences, creative process, future projects (SexyTime), and tuggies. Stay tuned for our preview of SexyTime- Naked Poetry, and read our interview with Tigran Mimosa:Its hard to define exactly what your genre of music falls in to: It’s hip hop infused.. its electronic music .. with some heavy beats … I know most producers don’t like to label there music a genre but for how would you describe your music in a few words?

I would describe it as future trill. It’s kind of hip hop influenced and futuristic electronic beats with lots of 808 and heavy bass…yeah, that’s how I describe it.

What kind of music influenced you growing up?

I grew up in LA, so I listened to lots of hip hop…I’d say Dr Dre’s beats and his instrumentals and all sorts of hip hop influenced me greatly. My first album ever was ‘Life is…Too Short’ [by Too Short]…Life is Too Short that album has a lot of 808 bass beats…I grew up on that kind of sound. That’s where I come from.

What current producers influence you now? What are you listening now on your iPod?

My iPod right now A$AP Rocky …Drake ….Lil’ Wayne… I don’t know I just listen to hip hop man, I love mainstream hip hop – I am all about it I can’t get enough.

Your Latest album Sanctuary was released last fall is different from your previous work…how did you evolve from your EP Hostiles?

Hostiles was my first EP. I made it when I was 16 years old. I am 24 now, so my sound has definitely changed since then through life experiences.

Can you tell me a little about the title track on the album it’s pretty striking? Where does the name Sanctuary come from?

Sanctuary comes from basically a progression of titles from Flux to live to psychedelic stereo. It all started from Silver Lining actually from Silver Lining I had this idea to do this whole series of pieces. Then I did 58 Degrees the meaning behind that is if the sun hits the clouds at 58 degrees then you get a fire rainbow which is the most rare experience existent. Through these titles there is a journey for me so Sanctuary is what I was feeling at that moment in my life, which was taking a minute to chill out and zone in and make something more left field, more abstract and soulful and that’s what I came out with.

ou recently put out a Moombahton remix to your track ‘Flourescence’ from ’58 Degrees’, What do you think of the current Moombahton movement?

I made it from New York… I actually made the whole album from Brooklyn … I was going out with my friends and they were making that type of stuff so it kinda influenced me , the beat flowed with my track so it was easy for me. I love that sound, it’s a new platform for producer to make music in, its great I am all about it .

Anyone producers we’d know you were with ?

My partner Sleepy Head, who I do Sexy Time with does all sorts of shit, we send each other what we are working on and we are in constantly in communication.

What are your favorite places to perform around the world?

Definitely Colorado, I love this place. California…New York…Chicago I mean I love Atlanta… I love it everywhere – the kids are always into different things everywhere. I love going around and feeling different vibe.

What goes in to creating your live shows? Your live shows I feel are different then your productions. How do you plan your set list going into the show?

I am actually trying to figure out what I am playing tonight right now … For the live show its more about carrying a certain vibe … I don’t even know how to describe it it’s a little more of a party based rage kind of vibe. While in my production I try to be very diverse and the music it’s all for me. I will vibe out the situation, If I feel energy is going a certain way I will take it there.

What is to come in the future?

My Sexy Time project, Naked Poetry is going to come out in a few months. I also am working on my next release which is going to come out in the fall which is going to be called Dream Start.

You’re playing Bonarooo, Wakarussa, Snowball, and Electronic Forest festivals, how would you compare that to more intimate venues?

I love them both. There is a certain energy when there is thousands of people raging – its kind of extremely high energy and you can’t see the crowd, it’s an extremely high feeling. In the small venues you can play and connect with everybody, its intimate, the experience is one on one. I can appreciate them both in different ways.

Favorite festival?

Anything outdoor with a loud sound system, I am having the time of my life.

Adam: I’m hoping to get Pharoahe Monch on this new record, That’s one person I’m willing to say. We want him [rapping] over our stuff. I’m dropping that name [laughs].

How long have you been on tour?

I am actually taking a break, working on my album, playing at festivals and am going to tour in the fall.

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you on your last tour?

That’s hard, hmm…I was gifted a “Tuggie” …which is kind of a Snuggie for your private parts.