This Friday marks the release of The New Mastersounds’ newest creation, Made For Pleasure. The band dives into their dance music roots on the new album, bringing out some jazz, soul, funk, and reggae tunes for a groovy release!

The New Mastersounds Share Mini-Documentary Highlighting New Album

Thanks to the band, we’re delighted to share an exclusive stream of Made For Pleasure. You can listen to the whole album, in full, for just today only, so get down to the funky music as provided by NMS:

Writer Jack Sheehan, who recently interviewed NMS guitarist Eddie Roberts, picked out a handful of his favorite tunes to exemplify just what he loves about this band. Dig it:

“Cigar Time”: Guitar and organ trade lead over this C vamp, taking an old formula that they make still work. It’s right in the sweet spot between weather channel music and the soundtrack of Hey Arnold. A classy, catchy tune. I’m also or sucker for Latin percussion, which slides right in there to give it a Santana swagger for the outro.

“Let’s Do Another”: It has a horn led head, chokes where the band hits it and quits it, and various timbres which catch the listeners ear and inspires a composer’s empty master score. The music is rich, with horns, vibraphone, and tabla. Shoutout to the drummer’s use of open/closed high hat hits.

“Pho Baby”: The coolest. The A section chord progression, especially the piano player’s inversions, is quite pensive. This song is a healthy choice for any car ride that needs musical evidence that the glass is half full.

“Tranquilo”: leads in with rainy, dampened piano chords and a backbeat to match. Horn lines cascade throughout as they curate a vibe that is both parts stank face worthy and non-threatening to any closed-eyed listener looking to bob their head to background sounds in the forefront of their ears. There are enough grooves to go around; one can only imagine the smiles in the room as they got this take on the track. “Tranquilo”, meaning Peaceful, is an apt title.

Of course, the whole album is one big funky good time, as the band made a conscious effort to write it as a group. The result is high-energy, thoroughly danceable music, and we can’t wait to hear these new songs in the live setting. Be sure to catch them on tour this fall!