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If you’re like us here at Live For Live Music, your listening habits go through cycles. One week, it’s the blues. The next, it’s sunny positivity. One day, you’re steeling yourself for the coming cold weather. The next, you’re reminiscing over the summer sun.

Enter the L4LM Monthly Mix, a serial playlist curated with care by our staff, a small group of dedicated music lovers with unique and varied tastes. Each month, we bring you a new mix of tracks—from the old to the new, the beloved to the obscure, the silly to the sentimental. There’s no particular overarching rhyme or reason to the L4LM Monthly Mix. This is just the music that’s on our minds, the music we’re excited to share with you right now.

This article serves as your listening guide for the L4LM Monthly Mix—your liner notes, your peek inside our brains. Hear a song you like as you listen through? Scroll down (or “cmnd + f” search) and find out “what’s good” with the selection—why that music moved us this month. We hope we can help you discover something that moves you, too.

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L4LM Monthly Mix – November 2020


The String Cheese Incident, SunSquabi – “Top Down”

What’s good: A funky, synth-heavy collab from old and new school staples of the scene. –Sara Shah

Hot Chocolate – “Every 1’s a Winner”

What’s good: This is a fun dance-y song to throw on when you’re celebrating. –Kunj Shah

James Brown – “Living In America”

What’s good: Just feels appropriate given the political climate. –Kunj Shah

Bootsy Collins ft. Larry Graham, Uche’ Ndubizu, Branford Marsalis – “WantMe2Stay”

What’s good: It’s Bootsy, baby. –Michael Broerman

OutKast – “Rosa Parks”

What’s good: When I think of OutKast, I think of ATL and Georgia—and right now, Georgia is on my mind. –Kunj Shah

The Who – “Eminence Front”

What’s good: Almost 40 years after its release, this The Who classic reminds us that not everything is as it seems. Change your perspective and check out the view from another angle. –Mikala Lugen  

Queen – “Keep Yourself Alive – Live”

What’s good: I don’t think there ever needs to be a reason to include Queen on a playlist. Just relax, sit back, and enjoy the greatness. –Kel Kawas

Alabama Shakes – “Hang Loose”

What’s good: This was one of the first Alabama Shakes songs that I remember hearing from their 2012 studio debut, Boys & Girls. From the opening notes of that groovy guitar intro through the entire song’s laid-back demeanor, it’s a good anthem to have on deck during these stressful times. Hang loose, y’all.
–Tom Shackleford

The White Stripes – “I Fought Piranhas”

What’s good: The White Stripes recently released the tracklist for their first-ever greatest hits album. While it is the only album to not include a “Little” song, it does include some of the best songs Jack and Meg ever wrote. “I Fought Piranhas” is one of Jack’s most blues-influenced originals. Taking cues from the old Delta Blues greats like Son House, “I Fought Piranhas” centers around the powerful kick and snare from Meg White, Jack’s slide guitar, and his hard-hitting lyrics. –Kel Kawas

Neil Young – “Rockin’ In The Free World”

What’s good: This one felt appropriate in our current political climate. –Kunj Shah 

The Beatles – “The Ballad Of John And Yoko”

What’s good: Although this song was never included on one of their studio albums, “The Ballad of John and Yoko” remains one of my favorite Beatles tunes from their latter era. The semi-autobiographical song about John and Yoko’s post-wedding drama made famous by the media even pulls the same elements of folky, country-rock heard on the Grateful Dead’s Workingman’s Dead, which was released just one year later, with its strong presence of acoustic and twangy electric guitar. –Tom Shackleford

Al Green – “I’m A Ram”

What’s good: From party mode to down time, there’s no bad time for the Reverend Al Green. Few songs capture an era’s overall sound and vibe like “I’m A Ram” does for early-’70s soul. –Andrew O’Brien

Electric Guest – “Oh Devil”

What’s good: Throw this on for an instant mood boost. –Sara Shah

Bootsy Collins ft. Snoop Dogg, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer – “Jam On”

What’s good: Bootsy, Snoop, and Taz. I would have been down for this song even if it was terrible. Luckily, it’s fantastic. Major P-Funk vibes. –Andrew O’Brien

Lettuce, Flamingosis – “Remember The Children (Flamingosis Remix)”

What’s good: Lettuce’s “Remember The Children” gets a double dose of funk with this high-energy remix from Flamingosis, seamlessly incorporating his signature electro-funk style into the groove-heavy track. The whole Lettuce Resonate Remixed EP is worth your time. –Sara Shah

Noname – “Song 32”

What’s good: The world can always use more music from Noname. She has always fearlessly used her platform for activism, and “Song 32” is no different. Head to her Spotify page and dive in (after you finish listening to the Monthly Mix, of course). –Kel Kawas

Gorillaz, Beck – “The Valley Of The Pagans”

What’s good: Out of all the awesome collaborations on the Gorillaz’s latest album, ‘Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez’, “The Valley of the Pagans” really stuck out to me. While I thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration with Elton John and 6LACK on “Ther Pink Phantom”, “The Valley of the Pagans” gives me all of the Gorillaz energy I can handle. Beck fits in with the rest of the “band” seamlessly and it’s truly reminiscent of the Gorillaz’s earlier albums, like D-Sides or Demon Days. –Kel Kawas

Jerry Garcia– “Let It Rock” (Chuck Berry)

What’s good: Always love hearing Jerry play the rock ‘n’ roll classics. –Kunj Shah

AC/DC – “Code Red”

What’s good: Code Red… a new AC/DC album is here to power up our restless spirits. –Mikala Lugen

The Smashing Pumpkins – “Wyttch

What’s good: Finally, the hard hitting, classic Pumpkins song I’ve been waiting for from Cyr. –Michael Broerman

Steve Earle & The Dukes – “Harlem River Blues” (Justin Townes Earle)

What’s good: Steve Earle covering his dearly departed son could bring a tear to a glass eye. –Michael Broerman

Pete Townshend – “Wizardry”

What’s good: Wait, am I in a pinball machine?–Mikala Lugen

David Bowie – “Ziggy Stardust (Live)”

What’s good: Ziggy Stardust is one of my favorite albums ever, but I only recently dove into the live record. It’s the nazz. –Andrew O’Brien

Fatboy Slim – “Praise You”

What’s good: Fatboy Slim has been one of my favorite DJs ever since I got to see him DJ on top of a pirate ship in the Bahamas, on one of Cloud 9’s adventures years ago. I look forward to the day we can travel for music again. –Kunj Shah

Pan & Polo – “Pili Pili”

What’s good: I was recently turned on to French electro-pop duo Polo & Pan and was enthralled with their unique style, which is different than anything I’ve heard before. The pair creates sophisticated and tight electronic melodies that are equally fit for grooving at your desk or raging at the club—when that was a thing. –Sara Shah

Glass Animals, Arlo Parks – “Tangerine”

What’s good: Glass Animals create a dreamy soundscape on their latest release, complete with guest vocals from Arlo Parks. –Sara Shah

Simon & Garfunkel – “A Hazy Shade Of Winter”

What’s good: Few songs have captured the desolate feeling of fall giving way to winter better than Paul and Art did on “A Hazy Shade of Winter”. –Andrew O’Brien

Bob Dylan – “Tangled up i  n Blue”

What’s good: Whenever you can feel change in the air, I think of Bob Dylan. –Kunj Shah

Michael Jackson – “Will You Be There”

What’s good: A classic, but also extra points for being the Free Willy theme song… –Kunj Shah

SAULT – “I Just Want To Dance”

What’s good: Where they came from and who they are remains a mystery, but SAULT’s recent releases affirm that they’re unlike anyone else out there right now, with a unique, afrobeat/funk-soul style coupled with messages of Black pride and a cry for justice. –Sara Shah

Parliament – “Bop Gun (Endangered Species)”

What’s good: Last year around this time, we were starting to think about Jam Cruise in a few short weeks. One of my favorite memories from the last Jam Cruise was the Turkuaz & Friends cover of this whole Parliament album. We may be sequestered for the time being, but we still have memories like those to cherish in the meantime. –Andrew O’Brien

CloZee, Opiuo – “Heya (Opiuo Remix)”

What’s good: CloZee and Opiuo join forces once again on this bass-heavy, uplifting banger. Turn the volume up and have yourself a little dance party. It’s good for the soul. –Sara Shah

David Bowie, Mick Jagger – “Dancing In The Street” (Marvin Gaye)

What’s good: It’s a celebration across the nation… –Kunj Shah 

Kikagaku Moyo – “Dripping Sun”

What’s good: Earlier this month, I reported on a forthcoming Kikagaku Moyo live album pulled from select performances circa 2014/2019. The report brought the Eastern psych-rock band’s one-of-a-kind mysticism right back into my consciousness and I just had to revisit this song from their last studio album, 2018’s Masana Temples. –Tom Shackleford

Jethro Tull – “Teacher”

What’s good: “I have a lesson that I must impart to you / It’s an old expression, but I must insist it’s true.” Love me some Jethro Tull. –Kunj Shah

Grateful Dead – “U.S. Blues”

What’s good: This song has been on my mind since the election. –Kunj Shah

Jimi Hendrix – “Red House – Live In Maui 1970”

What’s good: Once upon a time, Jimi Hendrix played a small concert on the side of a volcano in Hawaii. Now, we can all relive that historic performance via the newly-released Live In Maui. –Jimmy

Fruition – “Labor Of Love”

What’s good: A friendly reminder that Fruition’s Labor of Love is one of the finest albums to come out of this scene in the last decade. I keep thinking about this song’s message as we at L4LM have continued to cover a live music industry in shambles throughout this year. It’s just a matter of time, it’s just a labor of love. –Andrew O’Brien 

Bob Marley – “Redemption Song”

What’s good: Feels like America is getting a bit of a redemption story. –Kunj Shah

Mellodose, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – “Hey Hey”

What’s good: Hey hey, everything’s gonna be okay / Live your life like there’s no way / You can ever give enough love.” –Mikala Lugen      

Zion I & the Grouch – “Lift Me Up”

What’s good: When this layered beat hits the chorus, it makes you feel like Dorothy stepping out into the technicolor land of Oz. Headphones for this one. –Andrew O’Brien

Wiz Khalifia, Empire Of The Sun – “The Thrill”

What’s good: Yes. Just yes. –Mikala Lugen   

Guns N’ Roses – “November Rain”

What’s good: Cause nothin’ lasts forever, even cold November rain….–Mikala Lugen 

Maggie Rose – “I’m Only Human (I Wanna Get Out)”

What’s good: Maggie blew us all away with this one during Democracy Comes Alive. I love the new tunes she’s released during quarantine. –Kunj Shah

Sia – “Hey Boy”

What’s good: New tune from Sia out today. I don’t know much about it yet—other than the fact that I’m currently dancing around my kitchen while I listen. –Jimmy

Marc Scibilia, Cory Wong – “This Dream”

What’s good: Thanks, Marc Scibilia and Cory Wong, for this uplifting and inspirational anthem about chasing our own dreams. –Mikala Lugen  

The Lil Smokies – “Hitchcock”

What’s good: A lil smokin’ bluegrass. –Kunj Shah

Fuzz – “Nothing People”

What’s good: The Ty Segall-led stoner metal outfit was my first foray into the genre back in high school, so covering the release of their first album since I discovered them was pretty surreal. –Michael Broerman

The Lumineers – “Flowers In Your Hair”

What’s good: The onset of winter always brings nostalgic summer vibes into my emotional memory bank. This quick but enchanting folk tune from The Lumineers, for some reason, always reminds me of those summer road trips on my way to a music festival with some friends, where all of life’s troubles have blown away in favor of the open road. –Tom Shackleford

Arctic Monkeys – “505 (Live)”

What’s good: Arctic Monkeys, now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while–Michael Broerman

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Automation”

What’s good: I can’t remember the last time I waited this long for a new King Gizzard record.  –Michael Broerman

Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett – “Peepin’ Tom”

What’s good: Oh Courtney… how do you speak the truth through such beautiful music? Loving listening through Kurt Vile and Barnett’s 2017 collaborative album. –Mikala Lugen

Phoebe Bridgers – “I Know The End”

What’s good: It looks like I’ve traded my Bright Eyes phase for a Phoebe Bridgers phase. I guess that’s what they call progress. –Michael Broerman

Blakkamoore ft. Snoop Dogg (Break Science Remix) – “Get Down Tonight”

What’s good: Another Snoop-assisted pick for me this month, but for good reason. Break Science puts an irresistible new spin on the Blakkamoore track. –Andrew O’Brien

Cosmic Trigger, Shpongle – “How The Jellyfish Jumped Up The Mountain”

What’s good: One of the good things that came out of 2020 was a new Simon Posford album. Happy to see that Posford’s assistant, known as Cosmic Trigger, was able to add his own spice to some of the Posford’s deep cuts to lead us deeper into Shpongleland. –Mikala Lugen

CloZee, il:io – “Amazonia (il:io remix)”

What’s good: Nearly four months after the release of her album Neon Jungle, CloZee enlisted 10 artists to remix each track from the LP. I love the mystical jungle vibe I get from the added touch of il:io on this track. Waiting for Envision Festival 2022… –Mikala Lugen

DOPE LEMON, Winston Surfshirt – “Every Day Is A Holiday”

What’s good: Just a laid-back, easy-breezy track that makes me want to light up a joint on a beach in a tropical paradise and forget about the world for a minute. –Sara Shah

Lettuce, Tycoon – “Moksha (Tycoon Remix)”

What’s good: One of my favorite songs remixed by one of my favorite producers, bassist Jesus Coomes‘ brother, Tycoon. –Kunj Shah

Jimkata – “Blessings In Disguise”

What’s good: The new Jimkata is hot as always! –Jimmy

System Of A Down – “Protect The Land”

What’s good: After 15 years, System of a Down is back and for a damn good reason as they shed light on Armenian genocide. –Michael Broerman

Ehrling – “Sunshine”

What’s good: Released just a week ago, we could all use some sunshine in our lives right now. Blast it loud and dance until you feel that ray of light. –Mikala Lugen     

Chet Faker – “Low”

What’s good: Nick Murphy‘s moniker Chet Faker returns for the first time in four years with a vibey tune touching on relatable themes, reiterating “Just because I feel low right now / It doesn’t mean all that I got has run out.” –Sara Shah

Helen Jane Long – “Breath”

What’s good: I’ve always loved this hauntingly beautiful ballad from pianist/composer Helen Jane Long, whose melody-rich pieces always seem to cut right to my core, especially during the winter months. Her soft notation and engaging melodies make for a wonderfully calming listening experience. –Tom Shackleford

Das Racist – “Sit Down, Man”

What’s good: For some reason Das Racist’s early mixtapes never made it to Spotify until recently. The Sit Down, Man title track is one of my favorite tracks they’ve ever put out. It has the added bonus of featuring El-P (Run The Jewels). Really can’t go wrong with that. –Kel Kawas

Joe Perry – “Twilight”

What’s good: Joe Perry’s (Aerosmith) 2005 self-titled solo album turns 15 this year, and it’s been fun re-visiting to some of the tracks that once played on repeat throughout my high school years to the point of borderline obsession. This entrancing instrumental was always one of my favorites, as it delivers layer upon layer of fascinating guitar tones and carefully orchestrated lead lines create a sense of mystery and rock excellence. –Tom Shackleford

Josh Blake ft. Agent 23 – “Benefits”

What’s good:  The homie Josh Blake down in Asheville used his quarantine downtime to craft a hip-hop record in the vein of the ’90s golden era. Agent 23 sets this beat ablaze with timely lyrical themes and tongue-in-cheek wordplay. Check out our deep-dive interview with Josh about the whole Unemployment Benefits project. –Andrew O’Brien 

Petit Biscuit – “Full Moon”

What’s good: We had two full moons last month and I’m glowing as I think about the twinkling magic of our universe. Petit Biscuit captures the spirit and energy of the moon perfectly on this whimsical tune. –Mikala Lugen   

Phish – “You Enjoy Myself”

What’s good: Trey Anastasio playing this at The Beacon Jams Night 6 with strings the Rescue Squad Strings and the Angels Three had me so amazed by Trey’s compositional prowess that I decided to relive the “original” version of the quintessential Phish song from the band’s first official studio album, Junta.

L4LM Monthly Mix – November 2020