This Saturday, electronic rock band BoomBox is set to hit Bowery Ballroom, bringing their unique sound to New York once again. BoomBox is the creation of producer Russ Randolph and guitarist Zion Godchaux, son of Donna Jean and Keith Godchaux of the Grateful Dead. While the duo uses a plethora of electronic devices to create their sound, they still define their sound as strictly rock and roll. “At this point, it’s Rock n Roll to me”, Zion told Live For Live Music. “It’s almost a reflective sound. It’s reflecting off the crowd. Our sound is a reflection”.

Russ elaborated on the improvisational aspects of their live show, saying “We’re playing the song we created, but it can definitely be a reflection of the crowd depending on the energy. It could be louder and more aggressive or softer and sweeter”. He also explained the process of performing their complex studio tracks live. “In the studio we use live software to produce tracks like a multi-track album. When we play live, we are able to use those individual tracks”. Zion added, “our studio tracks are designed initially to be played live on the dance floor and then we just turn that into a studio track”.

Speaking of studio tracks, the duo has a new album in the works as well. “We have a new album we’re working very hard on, it should be out in January and we will be releasing singles pretty quick for that”, Russ told us.

If you’ve seen BoomBox before, you can expect an upgraded experience this time around. “We’re bringing a different lighting visual rig for this tour”, Russ explained. Zion added, “It should definitely be the best sounding BoomBox show that we’ve ever done. We’re about to plug in some gear to make us sound the best we ever have”.

BoomBox hits Bowery Ballroom this Saturday. Tickets are still on sale via Ticketmaster here