After scoring an early hit with 1996’s ‘The Distance’, alt rock favorites Cake became a critical darling into the next decade. Their quirky approach to left field rock appealed to everyone from indie fans to MTV. When the band broke free from Columbia after 2004’s Pressure Chief (the band refused to put out a greatest hits record), Cake started their own label, Upbeat, and waited seven years to release new material.

The band didn’t remain inactive during that time, however. “We toured intermittently, and had the liberty to take as much time as we needed on the new record, Showroom of Compassion”, trumpet player Vincent DiFiore told Live For Live Music. “Our album B-Sides and Rarities was also released, which took a certain amount of steps. The burgeoning social media scene stole our attention as well.”

The extra time clearly paid off for the band, as the resulting album, 2011’s Showroom of Compassion, shot to #1 on Billboard’s album charts, the band’s highest ranking to date.

“We definitely celebrated having the #1 record on the week ‘Showroom’ was released.” Fiore explained. “Doing it on our own terms was extra satisfying. When a success is the result of effort that has been witnessed first-hand, it is more tangible and easy to appreciate”.

With over twenty years as an active band, Cake is progressing when many artists begin to get stale – ‘Showroom’ was their first #1 album. The band manages to expertly evolve while maintaining a sound that is purely Cake. “Just as any person matures through life, so has the life of the band. We have the same DNA, but we’ve learned to move our limbs with greater dexterity”, DiFiore added.

Cake is stopping at Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Park on Friday, August 10th. If you’re a fan of classic Cake, don’t worry, as DiFiore confirmed the band reaches into its entire repertoire. “We play songs from every album and 4-5 songs from Showroom during each show”.

He also gave some advice to fans who wish to attend: “If it is a show where the audience has to stand, I’d suggest some patient hamstring and quad stretches before the first set. If you are lucky enough to have a seat, kick back and enjoy some music. I don’t think ear plugs are necessary, because we are thoughtful with the sound, but personally, as an audience member, I never attend a concert without a pair in my pocket.”

An Evening with Cake at Williamsburg Park starts at 6:00pm on Friday, August 10th. Tickets are still available at Ticketmaster, here: