LASKA recently set out on a spring and summer tour in support of their new album Endless Patcher with a sold-out June 3rd hometown show of love from their fans at Amsterdam Bar & Hall in Saint Paul, MN.

A true meeting of three minds—Bex, Mookie, and Hannah Morton are sisters whose musical sophistication make Endless Patcher a highly evolved combination of folk, rock and even post-rock—the album marks a fresh and beguiling direction for the sisters. Produced by Evan Middlesworth, Endless Patcher is sleek but never slick, with an emotional core that shines through its often complex structures.

On the first single from Endless Patcher, “Funhouse”, the trio—augmented by a stellar group of musicians who flesh out the guitar- and violin-based music—create a subtle tension that characterizes the album. Far from being simple folk-based songs and performances, Endless Patcher is all about taking pop and rock forms and turning them to the band’s own purposes. The album flows like classic rock and reaches into the future like the best music always does.

LASKA – “Funhouse” (Official Video)

On the second single from the album, “Dog Bite”, the band’s sound is gentler but still fraught with ambiguity. What Endless Patcher shows off, among its other virtues, is the sheer range of a band whose experimentation goes hand-in-hand with a clear grasp of timeless fundamentals.

LASKA – “Dog Bite” (Official Video)

Since the band is a true collective, with each sister adding her own nuanced take on rock, Endless Patcher is both densely constructed—the level of detail you hear throughout the album is stunning—and very direct. As the title suggests, “Linear” is about how humans possess a personal sense of time. With its chiming guitars and slightly baroque arrangement, “Linear” is a meditation on the power of art to amplify our sense of how we move through time and how we perceive different aspects of time. “Pull” uses pedal steel guitar and evokes Joni Mitchell and other pioneering folk-country giants.

After being homeschooled on the violin—they later picked guitar and mandolin—the Morton sisters started LASKA in 2016. These days, the band has grown to a sextet, with the subtle flow of the rhythm section a major part of their sound. Bex and Mookie live in Los Angeles, while Hannah lives in Minneapolis. There’s a combination of directness and subtlety—hard-edged reality and endless sunshine, you might say—that carries you through Endless Patcher. Lyrically, the album addresses themes of separation, COVID-era anxiety, and joy. You can hear these themes—presented with indelible guitar figures that are addictive, rich, and models of musical economy—on “People Pleaser”. It’s a song about being real, and it comes with a great guitar solo.

As Bex says, the title of the album has to do with the concept of time and the way events can turn out to have significance in ways you can’t see at first. “Each song comes from an entirely different place. When I think of a patcher, I think of large gaps of time—scraping things together and making it work all over again. Some transitions are choppy, even shocking. Our songwriting styles are different, so making all three styles work together through a coherent theme isn’t easy. Yet we are family, so there are these telepathic themes that happen in songs; we don’t really have to try and force it.”

Endless Patcher is available to stream and purchase on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and the band’s website. Listen to the album via Soundcloud in the player below.

See below for a full list of upcoming LASKA tour dates. For ticketing details, head here.

LASKA 2022 Spring/Summer Tour Dates

June 7 – The Cobra – Nashville, Tennessee
June 8 – Isis Music Hall – Asheville, North Carolina
June 9 – Red Light Cafe – Atlanta, Georgia
June 10 – Dorm Eleven – Muscle Shoals, Alabama
June 12 – Melody Inn – Indianapolis, Indiana
June 13 – The Cactus Club – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 13 – The Bur Oak – Madison, Wisconsin
July 11 – SoFar Sound Sessions – Los Angeles, California
July 14 – Spanish Ballroom – Tacoma, Washington
July 15 – South Bay Pub – Olympia, Washington
July 16 – SoFar Sound Sessions – Portand, Oregon
July 17 – Salem Arts Festival – Salem, Oregon
July 18 – Tractor Tavern – Seattle, Washington
July 19 – Honey Latte – Portand, Oregon
July 20 – Sam Bond’s Garage – Eugene, Oregon
July 21 – Infinity Room – Salem, Oregon

LASKA – Endless Patcher