Leftover Salmon turned in a headlining set at the Aiken Bluegrass Festival, which recently partnered with Friends With Benefits, which was jam-packed with the things they are most known for: good times, good songs, and stellar musicianship. During their set, the band welcomed special guests like Jay Starling and Billy Strings, Leftover’s patented “Slamgrass” sound was the perfect way to end a day that saw stellar sets from folks like Strings and Love Cannon.

Herman and his founding partner-in-crime Drew Emmitt showcased the chemistry they’ve found in their decades of playing together, but they were by no means alone. Banjo player extraordinaire Andy Thorn showed why he is considered one of the finest pickers on the planet with a series of staccato rolling runs that were pure magic. Bassist Greg Garrison, drummer Alwyn Robinson, and keyboardist Erik Deutsch even took a solo number, a cover of Genesis‘ “That’s All”, until guitar firebrand Billy Strings came out to lend them a hand. Jay Starling added a bit of his dobro magic to the mix for an extended sit-in, adding yet another tasty ingredient to the musical gumbo Leftover Salmon served the hungry audience.

We’ve got a ton of clips from the show for you, including a couple from their amazing new record, Something Higher, including the title track and a heartwarming take on its opening track, “Places“. We’ve also got the Noah Lewis cover (regularly performed by the Grateful Dead) they slipped in, “Big Railroad Blues“, which closed the set and the encore “Let In A Little Light.” The twenty-minute jam with Starling that led into the Genesis cover is not to be missed and is one of the embedded videos below. You can check out the other tunes by clicking on their names.

Special thanks to Leftover and their hard-working crew for making the video look so good with their wonderful lights and sound excellent thanks to their soundboard permission! We here at Live For Live Music are big fans of Leftover and we hope you enjoy the jams as much as we did! For the band’s upcoming tour dates, you can head to their website here.

“Jam > That’s All > Astral Traveler”


“Sing Out To The Moon”


“Down In The Hollow”