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PREMIERE: Miami’s Lemon City Trio Ripens With Debut “Welcome to the Neighborhood” EP

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Lemon City Trio brings a fresh new taste to the contemporary moment of funk music, offering an impressive level of sophistication worthy of appreciation. The band honed its sound through monthly residencies at one of Miami’s best live music venues Lagniappe House and used the space as a platform to create a sound that is infectiously unique.

Lemon City refers to a historical area of Miami, where the band’s rehearsal studio is located in Little Haiti. It is also where the inspiration for the songwriting process takes place. With Brian Robertson on organ, Nick Tannura on guitar, and Aaron Glueckauf on drums, the trio brings the cultural influences of their surroundings and puts them forth in a smooth, boundless, self-created territory.

Lemon City Trio’s debut EP Welcome to the Neighborhood takes listeners on a journey through a wide variety of musical styles and diverse textures. From the hip-hop edge in “Jawn” to the laid-back New Orleans-influenced “Don’t Vibe Me (Billy),” the Lemon City Trio demonstrates their broad range of influences and taste in this record. It is a band born from the love of traditional organ trio music, that seeks to pick up the torch and take it to new places.

Listen to Welcome to the Neighborhood below:

Says Adam Scone of LCT, “The Lemon City Trio is propelling the traditional Organ trio format into new directions. They encompass the sound and feel of the city of Miami. I have been a giant fan since the first time I heard them.” Fellow collaborator Matt Scofield adds, “The Lemon City Trio is one of my favorite Miami bands. Soulful and funky, they’re upholding the long tradition of the classical groove organ trios, and at the same time sounding completely fresh, modern, and energetic.”

Friends in Electric Kif also describe LCT as “musical peers” and “important contributors to whats happening in town. They are a killer band that we enjoy exchanging musical ideas with.”

Check out some choice videos from the Lemon City Trio’s recent work, and keep up with the band on their Facebook page!

The Lemon City Trio will be opening up for Eric Krasno Band at The Funky Biscuit on Thursday, March 30 in Boca Raton, FL. Tickets available here.