Formerly known as Ukelelien, the dynamic folk rock group Cousin Earth are here in a big way. Blending the down-home bluegrass tones with the dynamic influences of rock and jam, Cousin Earth continue to mesmerize at every live performance. Now fans have a great chance to enjoy Cousin Earth, as the band has released their debut EP under the new name.

Cousin Earth features six original tracks, as well as a rearrangement of the folk standard “Window Cleaner”. These seven songs comprise the heart and soul of a truly great, up and coming band, and we’re honored to share this great music:

One listen and its apparent that Cousin Earth is the real deal! Between their intricate songwriting and tight vocal harmonies, their music is a delight, and it’s no stretch of the imagination to see how this new music translates into the live setting. It’s some serious dancing music!

The band is celebrating the release of their new EP with a release party at Bowery Electric in New York, NY with Future Folk this Friday, November 20th. Don’t miss out! Tickets are available here.