The beloved jam band moe?’s name has been always been prone to evolution, with their name undergoing many changes during the project’s formative years. The ensemble started in 1989 as a college cover band named “Five Guys Named Moe.” The band abbreviated the name to just “moe” a year later, and then added the period to the end of their name in 1991 to emphasize that they simply were called “moe.” and nothing else. Today, the band announced that they are in the midsts of a major rebranding effort, with plans to drop their iconic period and replace it with a question mark effective immediately.

The band, which will now be referred to as moe?, cited that they were changing with the times. “The early 90’s were a simpler time. Back then, it just made sense to have the period, to just be moe., period and all. Now, things have gotten crazier. Stephen Hawking is going to get launched into outer space, the eighth Fast and Furious movie is coming out this month, we’re playing with Phil Lesh at LOCKN’ this year as, or I guess, now. We want our name to capture the zeitgeist of the 21st century, and the question mark does just that,” said bassist Rob Derhak.

While this might take some getting used to, we’re beyond excited for moe? and what other surprises they have in store for us in 2017 and beyond!