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PREMIERE: Anomalie Debuts Smooth New Single, “Daybreak”

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, is musician and producer Nicolas Dupuis, who goes by the moniker Anomalie. Since his 2014 self-titled debut EP, Anomalie has been releasing tracks here and there, hosting a successful YouTube series called “Weekly Jams” with a number of artists and playing the keyboard for fellow funk-electronic artist Gramatik in addition to holding a spot on Gramatik’s label. As Anomalie gears up for the release of his second EP, the producer has been slowly releasing a number of new songs in anticipation for album number two, Metropole, which is slated to be released  later this month on June 23rd.

Staying true to his stage name, Anomalie fuses a number of different musical genres within each song he crafts. Underlying each number is technical craftsmanship, which is a product of his seventeen-plus years he spent studying classical and jazz piano. This training is present in his latest single, “Daybreak,” which opens with a lyric sample before dropping into the melodic, bouncing riff of the song. The synthy electronic number clearly pulls from hip-hop, funk, and jazz lineages, eventually easily settling into an easy-going groove. However, this is not to say that the number is straightforward by any means. Perhaps what sets Anomalie apart from other producers is his ability to maintain a laid-back sound while still crafting a complex composition that is rife with dramatic tension and playfully utilizes sonic layering, dynamics, and syncopation to create dramatic tension all the while showing off his penchant for the keyboard.

“I started working on ‘Daybreak’ almost a year ago, which then lead me to start the Métropole EP,” Anomalie tells us. “This track means a lot to me since it became one of my first successful facebook videos when I shared it as short jam in it’s early stages. It’s also a pretty accurate representation of my main influences for the EP – hip hop beats, g-funk synth leads, and Herbie Hancock/Chick Correa style chord progressions.”

“For me,” he continues, “‘Daybreak’ was a game changer in the sense that it clarified where I was headed sound-wise and it gave me tremendous motivation to start releasing again as Anomalie, which I had not been doing for a while. Daybreak felt like a fresh start, a new dawn.”

Live For Live Music is proud to premiere the latest from Anomalie. You can listen to “Daybreak” below, as well as catch him at his show with his four-piece band on June 22 at Phi Centre in Montreal, Canada, and later this summer during his performance supporting Gramatik at Red Rocks. Head over to the producer’s website here for more information and upcoming tour dates.