Philadelphia/Brooklyn pair Tom Bradel (drummer/producer/designer) and Johnny Fissinger (bassist/producer/vocals)–also known as Damn Right–formed onstage at legendary Baltimore venue 8×10 and immediately noticed a distinct improvisational chemistry. The dynamic duo made a name for themselves as a live act, performing all over the country with the occasional sit-ins from improvisational wizards such as Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads), Marco Benevento, and Billy Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood). More recently, Damn Right has turned their focus to studio production with their upcoming masterpiece, Zeitgeist, due out December 8, 2017.

The new album is split into two-sides, with Side A featuring Damn Right’s signature composition style, hinting on chill-wave and psychedelic indie-rock, and Side B exploring instrumental electronic territory with hypnotic beats and fuzzy synths. The duo worked alongside Lotus’s Jesse Miller to produce and mix the album, with contributions from producer FLOTE and guitarist Wes Schwartz (Grimace Federation).

Live For Live Music is thrilled to share the seventh track of the album, coming from Side B, dubbed “Sleep In The Stars (FLOTE Remix)”. The track features dreamy sequences of disco vibes and melodic transfusions of soothing goodnes, complete with the glitched out contributions of FLOTE himself.

“This track is about reflection,” explains FLOTE about “Sleep In The Stars (FLOTE Remix)”. “I wanted to make something cold and meditative, but also upbeat; something that would have a calming, centering effect without feeling like it is dragging. I help give it an introspective feel I highlighted certain frequencies and tuned my synths to 432 Hz (said to be the natural frequency of the universe) as opposed to the standard 440 Hz tuning. Studies have shown that music tuned to 432 Hz helps ease anxiety, bring down heart rate and blood pressure, and generally has a soothing effect.”

Listen to “Sleep In The Stars (FLOTE Remix)” below!

The album will be available digitally as well as on vinyl, with pre-orders available here. There will be two album release shows, including Friday January 19 at Milkboy in Philadelphia and Saturday January 20 at Nulbu in New York City.

Damn Right – Zeitgeist

1. Our Love Is Blue

2. Nan Man

3. Zeitgeist

4. The Calling

5. Hawaiian Justice Part I

6. Hawaiian Justice Part II

7. Sleep in the Stars (FLOTE Remix)

8. Wait For Me

9. This Is Leather

10. Outro

Damn Right Live Shows

1.19.2018 Milkboy – Philadelphia, PA w/ American Dinosaur, Greg D

1.20.2018 Nublu – New York City, NY w/ Argonaut & Wasp, Greg D