Both Freekbass and Turkuaz have become staples on the modern funk circuit. Freekbass is a decorated performer as a soloist, as well as a member of the funktronica trio, Headtronics, also featuring DJ Logic and Particle keyboardist Steve Molitz. The famed bassist has six full-length albums under his belt, as well as collaborations with Bootsy CollinsAdam DeitchMike GordonSkerikJennifer Hartswick, and others. On the other hand, Turkuaz has quickly become one of the hottest rising acts in the music scene, known for their energetic, dialed-in, and truly technicolor performances.

Today, Freekbass and Turkuaz’s resident lady-in-pink, Sammi Garett, have released a brand-new collaboration—a funky new single titled “Love In Your Pocket” paired with a psychedelic and theatric new music video. Freekbass and Garett’s new collaboration, “Love In Your Pocket”, was produced and co-written by Grammy-winner and Groove Collection co-founder Itaal Shur, with its wild music video directed by Angie Wilson.

As Sammi Garett previously shared about the collaboration, “This collaboration with Freekbass has got me so excited! The icing on the cake is that we are able to create a video of the music we are making together. Freekbass is so iconic and it’s an honor to be part of this super team!” As a follow-up, her co-collaborator added, “It’s been an honor to collab with Sammi. Her talent and style are undeniable; we had to make sure she was heard AND seen, hence the video! We are super excited to share this project with the masses!”

“Love In Your Pocket” taps into Turkuaz’s fun-loving, extravagant feel, highlighting Garett’s influence on her co-collaborator. However, Freekbass makes his presence felt on the new track as well, giving the song a more eclectic edge, with his robotic, gritty vocals. The delightful video truly brings the collaboration all together, with its absurdist, psychedelic, and somewhat Avante-Garde space imagery perfectly accompanying the track.

You can watch the Live For Live Music premiere of Freekbass and Sammi Garett’s “Love In Your Pocket” below. The duo will make their official live debut together at the renowned Summer Camp Music Festival over Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy!