The COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown of live music forced everyone to hit the pause button on most facets of life. At first, the newfound downtime appeared to be the answer to the magic wish many had been making for years. However, after endless months spent indoors cut off from the outside world, many of us cursed those wishes. Today, Kendall Street Company has released its latest single, “Livin’ on the Bone”, which addresses this very dilemma.

Premiering exclusively through Live For Live Music, “Livin’ On The Bone” is a musical dichotomy that captures those first moments of waking up in quarantine. The serene vibe of the six-minute chiller floats along with the first rays of sunlight in the morning, only for the lyrics to bring to mind the cold light of reality.

“Basically, it’s a song inspired by lived experience throughout quarantine,” vocalist/guitarist Louis Smith told Live For Live Music. “It’s got this ultra chill vibe to the lyrics juxtaposed with an underlying sense of anxiety about waking up and having absolutely nothing to do on any given day. No purpose, just blowing in the breeze and livin’ on the bone. It’s harder than it sounds. And then Ben [Laderberg] shreds and all of our worries just melt away into the groove.”

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The song is set to appear on Kendall Street Company’s forthcoming album, The Year the Earth Stood Still. Just like “Livin’ on the Bone”, the rest 0f the songs on the new double LP—the second half of which, Inertia, is out this fall—this one began as an improvisational studio jam vehicle. That loose feel of a close-knit band just hanging out, with nowhere to be bleeds through the speakers on this autobiographical composition.

Stream the new Kendall Street Company single “Livin’ on the Bone” via the player below and keep tabs on the band’s website and social media for updates on Inertia and tour dates.

Kendall Street Company – “Livin’ on the Bone”