The 2007 Super Bowl XLI saw the Indianapolis Colts trump the Chicago Bears 29-17, but perhaps the most victorious entertainment of the evening came from the Purple One.

“Can you make it rain harder?” Prince asked the production managers of the halftime event, hours before he was to perform the biggest performance of his career. It was one of those heavy, tropical rain and wind storms in the heart of Miami; but for Prince, it was a dramatic advantage to the pivotal performance that carried in over 100 million television viewers alone.

“I was panicked. Prince was using four separate electric guitars; the stage was made out of a very slick tile, which when it got wet, was even more slippery,” explained one of the production managers. Along with the dancers, their heels, and all other electronic aspects involved, the state of the performance had a lot of reasons to worry.

Yet, Prince, obviously, pulled through with one of the most epic halftime performances of all time. His guitar ringing, his voice soaring, and his overall demeanor taking the audience by storm; the rain became less of a distraction and more of an intensely beautiful spectacle.

“He’s just one performer shaking the entire world,” described Jon Pareles, Senior Music Critic of the NY Times. Ultimately, Prince turned the horrific weather into his most powerful prop, mixing covers by Queen, The Foo Fighters, and Bob Dylan with originals hits like “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Purple Rain”. Watch an NFL Films mini-doc about Prince’s performance, below.

Prince Super Bowl Halftime Performance Recap

[Video: NFL]

Prince – “Purple Rain” – Super Bowl XLI

[Video: Charles Murphy]

Setlist: Prince | Super Bowl Halftime | Dolphin Stadium | Miami, FL | 2/4/07

1. We Will Rock You
2. Let’s Go Crazy
3. 1999
4. Baby I’m A Star
5. All Along the Watchtower
6. Best of You
7. Purple Rain

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