Last month, Umphrey’s McGee announced a major winter tour, with support along the entirety of the run from New York-based instrumental prog/funk rockers TAUK. While there were a handful of crossover performances along the tour, the two bands got to really fuse during some key TAUKing McGee late night parties. The first such event of 2016 occurred on January 22nd in New York, NY, just moments before a major blizzard would cover the city in feet of snow.

Inside B.B. King Blues Club, however, there was no shortage of steaming improvisational jams to keep fans dancing well into the night. With Jake Cinninger and Joel Cummins in tow, TAUK busted out a cover of Bonobo’s “Cirrus.” Enjoy the jam below:

TAUK continues their winter tour in Burlington, VT this Wednesday, March 2nd, before meeting up with Umphrey’s on March 11th in Seattle, WA. The two bands will also join up for one more TAUKing McGee show, at the Major Rager in Augusta, GA on April 7th. More information about that event can be found here

For more about TAUK, head to their official website.