When we listen to music, generally music is sorted alphabetically by artist and song title. However, in 2012, Benjamin Moreau had a different idea; he wondered what it would look like if songs were sorted by chronology and geography. Thus, Radiooooo was born, a website that lets its users choose a country and decade and automatically populates playlists of hits from that era and place.

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Appropriately, each of the five “o”‘s in Radiooooo’s name represent a different continent (though to avoid confusion, the website bought domain names from Radiooo.com to radioooooooooooooooooooo.com). The site lets visitors choose a country on a world map as well as a decade since the 1900s. Once chosen, the website automatically feeds users songs from that time and place via a playlist of crowdsourced songs. Thus, you can listen to what was poppin’ in Mongolia in 80s, Peru in the 1910s, or Tanzania in the 2000s. The site also has the option to customize these playlists by “mood,” offering playlists that feature slow, fast, and “weird” tracks, as well as a “musical road trip” feature that combines different countries and decades.

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Radiooooo gets its song selections via submissions of over thirty-thousand contributors globally. These submissions are then reviewed by the site’s curators, who ensure that songs are high-quality and fit with the vibe of the site before adding songs to playlists—only 10% of the thousands of submissions they receive make it onto the website. You can explore the website and the music of the world at Radiooooo.com.

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