Despite both being natives of Los Angeles, it’s been several years since Little Feat members Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett have officially performed in their home town. On Friday, November 21st 2014, the acoustic duo triumphantly returned to the very same venue as last LA show: McCabes Guitar Shop in Santa Monica.

The venue holds a particular significance to the group, as Tackett pointed to the spot on the wall where he purchased his guitar (and mandolin) from some 40 years prior, then went on to record timeless albums with it. Tackett called the event a “great reunion!” The stage is located on the side of a converted showroom in the back of the shop, where just hours before, young rock stars of tomorrow found their very first guitar.

The duo played through many classics from the Little Feat catalog. Standouts from the night include the rendition of “Sailin’ Shoes,” arranged for the guitar (Barrere) and mandolin (Tackett), was a crowd favorite. “Doctor, Doctor I feel so bad – (actually I’m feeling pretty good),” sang Barrere, which was music to the ears of his fans. Barrere has been battling health problems for the last few years.

The duo paid tribute to Levon Helm and The Band, with soulful versions of “Long Black Veil” into “The Weight.” Barrere also announced that he and the band will be returning to Jamaica for their annual retreat: Ramble on the Island.

All in all, this was a remarkable experience, as the two veteran musicians brought life to classic tunes from the Little Feat repertoire. It’s great to see Barrere in good form, rocking out to some of the classics. This was truly a joyous performance, one that will not soon be forgotten.

Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett Acoustic Duo, McCabe’s Guitar Shop, November 21st:

[Photos by Brandon Weil]