Breaking Biscuits, comprised of Break Science’s Borahm Lee (keyboards and synthesizer) and Adam Deitch (drums) alongside The Disco Biscuits’ Aron Magner (keyboards) and Marc Brownstein (bass), brought one groove-heavy jam after another to The Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY, on Thursday night. For those looking to get down, this collaboration – which originally premiered as part of last year’s wildly popular Brooklyn Comes Alive – is sure to please.

Opening with “The Horror,” a RJD2 track off the 2002 album, “Deadringer,” fans knew rather quickly that this would be a unique night of live electronic music. With lots of experimentation and improvisation from each of the four members, a standout cover of Air’s “Moon Safari” had folks in the crowd cheering for more, while a playful take on “Little Fluffy Clouds,” a single released by the British ambient-house group The Orb, was greeted with smiles and nods of approval.

The interplay between Lee and Magner was simply flawless. Between the dizzying array of keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, and other electronics, it was pleasantly difficult to try and distinguish which killer keyboardist was contributing which melodic overtones at any given time. The same goes for Deitch and Brownstein, who were locked in from start to finish, laying down funky, layered, and free-flowing rhythms as though they were seasoned band mates.

While the quartet did not play any Disco Biscuits material throughout the night, Breaking Biscuits nevertheless channeled the energy and precision of the famous Philly livetronica band, paired perfectly with the house grooves and break-beats of Brooklyn’s own Break Science.

With countless DJs, over-hyped MCs, and thumb-drive posers offering one pre-programmed ‘set’ of dance music after another, today’s electronica scene is swamped with sameness. Not so with Breaking Biscuits, largely because the Disco Biscuits and Break Science are composed of actual musicians playing actual instruments. For anyone with discerning musical tastes, the differences are stark.

As the first night of a three-night run, Breaking Biscuits will hit again tonight at the Brooklyn Bowl and finish up on May 20th in Washington, D.C., at Gypsy Sally’s. Of special note, tonight’s show in Brooklyn will be streamed via, and is available for purchase here.

[cover photo by @faces_of_festivals]