In describing the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, guitarist Neal Casal states: “This band is all about musical freedom. Boundary dissolving is our ideal. Boundary dissolving and a good ole’ Saturday night boogie.”

Well, it might have been Sunday night at Revolution Hall in Portland, OR, but this self-defined “farm-to-table psychedelic rock band” still delivered the boogie as they went to work dissolving boundaries on a range of songs from their expansive repertoire.

The interplay between Robinson (vocals/guitar), Neal Casal (guitar/vocals), Adam MacDougall (keys), Tony Leone (drums) and Mark Dutton (bass) is as natural as one could hope. The fans found pleasure in the band’s lengthy jams, as songs became liquefied, floating freely through various themes and melodies.

Seeing Robinson in this light makes it hard to believe that he was once the fodder of tabloid magazines. It’s refreshing to see an artist serving his muse, seemingly as delighted to be playing an 830-seat venue as he ever was rocking a stadium. He’s moving on in the most sincere and beautiful way. Indeed, The CRB is all about letting go and living in the music.

Check out the setlist and gallery below:

Setlist: The Chris Robinson Brotherhood ~ 5/10/15 ~ Revolution Hall, Portland, OR

Set 1: Boppin’ The Blues (Carl Perkins), Jump the Turnstiles, Tornado (Black Crowes), Little Lizzie Mae (Black Crowes) à Can You Here Me, Star or Stone, Meanwhile in the Gods…, Tulsa Yesterday, Hard to Handle (Otis Redding)

Set 2: The Music’s Hot (Slim Harpo), Oak Apple Day, Roane County Banjo, Rosalee, Tough Mama (Bob Dylan), Ride (New Earth Mud), Appaloosa (Black Crowes), Sunday Sound (New Earth Mud)

Encore: Catfish John (Johnny Russell)