Even though its New York outpost had been undergoing renovations for a while, the Marquee brand has been synonymous with top notch dance music, thanks to the Las Vegas Nightclub and Dayclub that has attracted some of the biggest names in the genre. Now that the renovations are finished, Marquee New York is ready to bring that Las Vegas superclub experience to the Big Apple.

Marquee New York introduces a new concept, blending VIP bottle service seamlessly with your general admission, ticketed style dance music event, making room for anyone who wants to dance to some of today’s best DJs. The first thing you’ll notice upon entering Marquee is the massive stage, which becomes the focal point of the entire club. The DJ booth is outfitted with LED lights, and the entire wall behind the DJ features a high quality screen that is video mapped to the artist. Along the side walls are rafters, where costumed girls dance above the crowd while lasers and LEDs line the walls. It’s truly a 360 degree experience, everywhere you look there is something to see, somewhere.

My favorite addition to Marquee is the ceiling, which has now been strapped with a bunch of square LED rigs, which flash and move to the beat. The ceiling lights are a trend that really hasn’t made it to New York yet, and there is something awesome about being able to look up and see lights flashing back down at you. The balcony is pretty much entirely VIP tables, although anyone could walk up and around and goto the bar. It’s a little more calm up there, and you can perfectly see the entire dance floor and DJ booth. It’s a really cool view that you rarely get in a New York City club.

The sound system is also brand new and it’s fantastic. The bass really pulsates through the room, even upstairs it’s extremely danceable. Chuckie put on a solid set, leaning a little more towards the house music side. He kept solid beats going all night, mixing in some of his electro bangers here and there. The room is really perfect for straight up house music, with a huge open floor that leaves a lot of room for dancing. The constant visual entertainment – the booth, the stage, the girls, the ceiling, the walls – also are conducive to creating a ‘rave’ environment.

To ride that point home, Fridays at Marquee will be more of an underground house night – this week features legendary producer Sharam of Deep Dish. For these events, the tables that were in the middle of the dance floor for Chuckie will be gone, creating all out dance floor madness. This place is going to be heaven for the underground house music fan.

Right out of the gate, Marquee New York is establishing itself as electronic music an electronic music heavyweight. The place is gorgeously equipped to highlight the music, and it has enough space to cater to the ever growing scene. They’ve just announced some huge names coming up in February – Gareth Emery and David Guetta – so you can expect that top, top, top level of talent to grace that LED-studded DJ booth.

Fore more information, check out the club’s official website, http://www.marqueeny.com