It is an incredible thing to witness a band build a new market for themselves before your very eyes. Saturday evening at New Orleans famous Tipitina’s, the jam heavy and quickly rising band, Dopapod, threw down a real heater. This performance marked Dopapod’s third visit to New Orleans and definitely their most successful show thus far. The band came out swinging with ‘Off The Cuff ,’ one of the funkiest tunes in their repertoire. Dopapod slowly worked their way into their set creating patient and psychedelic jams led by Rob Compa (guitar) and Eli Winderman (keys, synths). Without fail, Rob and Eli worked seamlessly together to create beautifully dissonant jams in their ‘Vol. 3#86’ and ‘Trapper Keeper’.

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The highlight of the night came from the jam the band placed into one of their songs that usually sticks to its regular structure, ‘Nerds’. Every jam band seeks to achieve one of those “IT” moments each night when the music is bigger than both the band and audience together. Lo and behold, Dopapod truly achieved one of these moments that as music lovers, we long await, but never know when they will appear. The band closed with Frank Zappa’s “I’m the Slime” and put their symmetrical stamp on New Orleans’ most iconic venue.

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The band appeared relaxed throughout the whole night and everyone in the audience could tell the band was excited to not only be on the famous Tipitina’s stage, but also be in the (greatest) city that is New Orleans. Accompanying the unbelievably experimental set, was an incredible light show controlled none other than the amazing, Luke Stratton. All in all, Dopapod delivered an amazing live show and the city of New Orleans cannot wait to have this band back as soon as possible.

Setlist: Dopapod at Tipitina’s, New Orleans, LA – 10/24/15

Off the Cuff, Weedie, Vol 3 #86> Trapper Keeper, Nerds, Upside of Down> Sonic-> Cloud World, Psycho Nature, Turnin’ Knobs

E: I’m the Slime (Frank Zappa)

Stream The Entire Show Below:

[Taped by bonobeats, Written by Max Smilen]